Nigeria is facing a severe pressure from different fronts over her participation in the ceremony  of U.S embassy in Jerusalem. From different fronts,  the deeply falling state has been bullied to question her  ambassador in Israel  over Nigeria participation in the event despite the opposite views of UK, Iran,Turkey and the sultanate of Sokoto who presently  are not happy with the  "double standard of Nigeria".

Information is revealing that Buhari's Government in her desperate move to barricade IPOB internationally decided to send necodemusly, a low key level diplomats from her Embassy in Tel Aviv to represent Nigeria in the ceremony as an opportunity to curry favour from U.S and Israel whose activities in West Africa sub region is a great threat to Nigeria unity. 

Against Abuja plan with Israel ,  the diplomats warned not to near cameras, avoid making their presence known  or address the media were disappointed when, and other  global media giants picked up the presence of Nigeria representatives  from what was made available to the gentlemen of the press by Israeli ministry of external affairs against Israel's agreement with Abuja.

The listing of Nigeria by Israel Government as among  countries represented in the Embassy ceremony, spoiled the game for Nigeria.  She wanted Israel to keep silence over her presence,  but Israeli government rubbished them openly.  The open secret and double standard of  Nigeria got Sokoto caliphate, UK,  Turkey and Iran furious.  Mr. Onyema (the Igbo efulefu)  who is the minister for foreign affairs is facing presently heavy pressure from the conservative caliphates,  Turkey, Iran and UK over what transpired in Jerusalem. Buhari on his own,  is considering firing the man as a hypothetical way to save his government now.

Mr. Onyema has begged Al Jazeera to retract the story, which the media giant on her own has not yield to that request as of the time of filing in this report. Abuja is worried that apart from Al Jazeera, other Middle East media had lifted the same story contrary to their Nicodemus plan. Turkey president has traveled to London to protest Nigerians double standard against their plans. Iran on her own is threatening to back off from her plan to assist Nigeria military over their initial plan for Nigeria to release shiite leader and his members for an exchange for military supports.

Britain on her own is feeling disappointed at unpredictable secret path of Nigeria despite Nigeria's hypocritical oral supports for the Palestinians. While Britain is already worried at his deeply rotten relationship with U. S,  Israel and E. U, she felt betrayed by Nigeria's Jerusalem voyage.

Israel agreement to host Nigerian delegates on the occasion without letting the public know of their presence which she acted contrary is a planned way to disgrace Nigeria which Abuja is not happy with.  To Aso Rock, U. S and Israel set them up against their early agreement.  Nigeria is losing trust from her Iranian, Turkey and UK friends,  in same vain, was used to increased Israeli ceremony visitors number and was dump.

Today,  she is in great confusion of not knowing what to do.  She believes that if she goes like South Africa and Turkey  by recalling her ambassador from Tel Aviv,  it will hasten the planned US/Israeli military operations in Nigeria under the protection of Judio-Christain Nigeria population. And that will hasten Biafra restoration.  To avert that,  she has spanked and lobbied  Aljazeera to retract the story without knowing that other platforms have equally carried the news.

Abuja is deeply disturbed over the plan of IPOB to open an office in Jerusalem. To Abuja,  IPOB is playing a dangerous international politics that is sinking Nigeria.  What marvels Aso Rock is why Saudi Arabia would sale out Palestinians for Israel's security pact. She wonders how she could survive in midst of IPOB set up when Saudi Arabia prefers doing Israel's bid than Muslim brothers bid.  To Aso Rock,  Iran might not give her a genuine support due to her oppression on the shiite. And she doesn't trust turkey as Nigeria UBA Bank was used to move the money used in the failed Turkey coup under Obama. Nigeria fears that the promises made by these countries might be a way to push her into fry pan and get her punished for her many sins.  To Aso  Rock,  UK is in her menopause to protect her from Israel and US aggression as London is busy battling with the post Brexit  economic and deteriorated relationship with EU. 

What ever be the diplomatic gerrymandering,  IPOB is ever feat to play it out for the zoo.

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