By Mazi Onyebuchi Eze

For Family Writers

Nigeria, a country created in 1914 by the British colonial merchants led by Fedrick Lugard and built on lies and deceits has declared a war of character assassination against the transparent reputation of Amnesty International. In the desperate attempt by Nigeria government to cover up the atrocities it has committed over time against the people of Biafra as published by Amnesty International few months ago, the authorities of Nigeria government have resorted to sponsoring a financially induced protest to blackmail the Amnesty International as the organization released a damning report of heinous crimes committed by Nigeria government, through the instrumentality of its armed forces. It could be recalled that Nigeria government has previously accused Amnesty of releasing a malicious report against Nigeria which is in its opinion tantamount to tampering with the sovereignty and internal affairs of Nigeria.

Family Writers Press eagle-eye journalists who monitored the dubious protest around Amnesty International office in Abuja Nigeria, which was sponsored by Nigeria government can authoritatively tell the world that Nigeria government which is currently battling with near total economic shipwreck used the scarcely tax payers resources to induce hungry women in Nigeria to protest against Amnesty International report, a report which was compiled with international best standard. Now, one wonders what Nigeria government is trying to figure out from the Nigeria government sponsored protest against Amnesty International.

For the primitive attempt by Nigeria government which thought that the world is still at the era of the stone age, to cover the heinous crime which its blood-sucking armed forces committed on the command of Nigeria President, Muhammadu Buhari in a broad daylight by using money to spark off protest against Amnesty International, it will be good to ask Nigeria authorities the following questions:

(1) Is Nigeria government trying to paint Amnesty International black and become righteous before the eyes of the world after committing all sorts of crime against unarmed Biafrans?

(2) Does Nigeria government actually know that Amnesty International has in its possession indicting evidences which were anchored on 87 horrible videos of the scenes of the crimes, 126 locus in quo pictures, and 147 eyewitnesses?

(3) Does Nigeria government thought it can cover the atrocities which it committed in 2016, just as it covered the war crimes it committed during the genocidal war against Biafrans in 1967 - 70?

(4) Does Nigeria government thought that Amnesty International is built on lies, deceit and all manners of falsehood like most Nigerian institutions such as its human right organizations, religious organizations, judiciary and its bias media of professional bankruptcy?

(5) Does Nigeria government understand the consequences of raising false alarm against any Amnesty processed report because such nation is indicted, as the world of 2017 is no more information deficient as years back?

It is on this note that I make bold to urge the Amnesty International to commence without further delay the prosecution of Nigeria authorities indicted in the Amnesty reports under reference, in International Criminal Court. The commencement of the prosecution of the indicted Nigeria authorities in ICC will bring to an end all these baseless denials, constant intimidating utterances against Amnesty and sponsoring of jobless and hungry women in Nigeria to constitute nuisance in the front of the Amnesty office building in Abuja.

It is on record that the Nigeria Army Spokesman once said that the Army indeed killed IPOB members in Biafra heroes remembrance Day, but did that to preserve Nigeria sovereignty which activities of IPOB is threatening its unity as a nation. So, Amnesty International should commence the prosecution of Nigeria Army authorities, so that its Spokesman will go to ICC and tell the world that they were killing IPOB members to preserve Nigeria; so that the world will clap for them as having handled the issue rightly, or probably the hungry women who were financially induced by Nigeria government to protest in the front of Amnesty office building in Abuja, will also assemble at Hague to protest the prosecution of the culprits of Nigeria authorities. The constant denial of Nigeria government of crimes it committed against Biafrans in a broad daylight has further vindicated the continuous outcry of IPOB against the evils of Nigeria establishment.

In conclusion, Nigeria is corrupt nation built on lies. If Amnesty International is among organizations standing with them in their crimes against Biafrans, they would not have sponsored any protest against Amnesty. The world is the witness!

Edited by Emeka Gift
For Family Writers

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