There Must Be A Secret Trial Under Sharia Law--- Judge Binta Nyako Tells Nnamdi Kanu And Co-Defendants


The trial of the leader of Indigenous People of Biafra, Nnamdi Kanu and co-defendants has taken a new twist as the trial judge, Mrs Binta Nyako has vowed that the defendants must be tried secretly under the principles of "Sharia Law".

Judge Binta a muslim presiding judge who had earlier ruled against a secret trial in January this year, stunned the defendants and their defense counsels by reversing her ruling in favour of a secret trial, even as she unequivocally stated that "nothing can change" her recent stance in favour of a secret trial.

Judge Binta also stated that she will demand that every defending counsel must study Sharia Law.

She questioned if Barrister Ejiofor, defense counsel to IPOB leader Nnamdi Kanu, studied part of Sharia Law; stating that if he had done so, it  would have taught him more about secret trial.

  "I want you to understand that, whether their is an application before this court or not, trial must go on,
"If the defending counsel applies more than hundred times, the secret trial must take place,"  Binta told the defendants who had earlier applied for bail.

  "The witnesses must wear a mask and must not be facially identified,

"Nothing can change my ruling. There must be a secret trial," Judge Binta Nyako stated.

The counsel to the first defendant, Barrister Ejiofor objecated the ruling of the judge, saying that it is grossly against the human rights of the defendants to a fair hearing.

The Presiding judge refused the objection and  adjourned the case to, 6th of April 2017.

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