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The dire need to let Biafrans understand what is playing out internationally base on my presumption, forced me into writing this work. All is not well for Nigeria as she is in terrible condition that her rate of survivalhood is on discouraging rate.

Buhari like other Nigeria  leaders of Northern extraction did hoped in great Britain for sustainability of Nigeria false union.  Internationally,  Britain has been playing this noble role for her useless child in expense of Nigeria oil. It was same Britain that has been marketing and drafting Nigeria foreign policies as the later only stands where Britain stands internationally.

Surprisingly, there arose a man named Nnamdi Kanu in pre David Cameron and Barack Obama global system. To me,  that was the greatest risk taking by IPOB and Nnamdi Kanu, to emerged in such risky international system that was anti Israel,  pro one Nigeria and of course anti Biafra.  In line with his accurate predictions and discretion,  David Cameron disappeared,  Obama exited and Buhari died,  living the Nigeria/Biafra quagmire into relatively pro Biafra international system.

To project Arabism and please Britain,  Buhari used his first two years in office to attack Israel over Palestine.  In two different occasions in Qatar and New York,  he called for Muslims coalition against Israel with hope Britain will save him the day Israel will roar.  In fact,  Buhari today is greatly disappointed on the failure of Britain to save Nigeria.  It was a great shock for Buhari to realise that Israel is building up military presence in Lome with an eye on Nigeria.  U. S presently doing same in Ghana with an eye on saving "christains in Nigeria ".

What got Abuja mad now is that Britain could not stop Ghana from providing lands for U. S United Accord coalition forces presently in Ghana.  Abuja is wondering how the United Accord forces coalition which comprise of US,  Canada, Germany and other African states could be constituted by U.S without Britain being part of the coalition?  To Aso Rock,  this is danger!  It obvious to them that danger looms. How best could this danger be averted,  they now choose to shun Britain and run to Israel having seen how Britain is presently humiliated by Donald Trump and Benjamin Netayahu.

Against British and conservative Fulani Sokoto Caliphate,  Nigeria sent delegate to witness US embassy opening in Jerusalem. Buhari has abandoned Palestinians to save Nigeria.  The same Buhari who was too critical of Israel over Palestine comfortably observed the killing of over 42 violent Palestinian  rioters in Gaza Strip yesterday  and till date,  Nigeria did not condemned it?  That is how frustrated and desperate Nigeria is today courtesy of IPOB.

Now Nigeria has to eat her vomit by attending the opening ceremony of the same Embassy she voted against in UN,  what do you think US and Israel will tell her! This I will talk about in the next write up....

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