By Aiden Dillion

When Fulani first arrived in Sokoto, they convinced local Hausa peasants they came to help them fight corruption in the already existing and flourishing Habe monarchies in Sokoto, Katsina, Kano, Bauchi, Zaria and the rest. Funny enough, it was poor illiterate Hausa masses that helped Fulani herdsmen then overthrow their kings. Hausa peasants fell for the Fulani bullshit of coming to help them fight corruption. Look at where they are today. No Hausa man has ever ruled Nigeria. This is a fact!

From Sokoto to Kano, Katsina to Zaria- Fulani swept away every Hausa resistance under the sun. Hausa kings were killed or exiled,  their land and people brought under the control of the Sunna-Wahabi Sultanate of Sokoto. Sokoto was the first major Hausa town to fall to the conniving invading scavenging Fulani hordes. These Fulanis enthroned their emirate system of government and proceeded to subjugate and virtually enslave the majority Hausa populations of the North till date.

The same scenario is at play again today in BENUE-PLATEAU where under the guise of another War Against Corruption, the Fulani Gambari has again unleashed death on indigenous populations. The same populations that helped them fight the Igbo people in 1967. Do you see how they roll? By the time the dust of the ongoing carnage in the Middle Belt settles, Plateau and parts of Benue State will be Fulani Emirates. There is nothing anyone can do about it.

CNN, the largest news network in the world is owned by an obscure Islamic Saudi businessman and no longer by Americans in Ted Turner or Time-Warner corporation. No major news outlet will ever give the ongoing genocide in Middle Belt any sustained objective coverage. Do you know they reported that only 9 people died in the tanker explosion in Lagos when over 60 cars in moving traffic were destroyed instantly. You do the maths.

Before we say this scenario of Fulani takeover can't happen, let us spare a thought for the equally subdued Yoruba race. This was the same trick Fulani used to take Kwara State from Yoruba people, from where they launched their Islamic conquest of all Oduduwa territories. As always they went to Illorin to help a Yoruba prince named Afonja fight his brother the Ooni of Ife. When Fulani armies (herdsmen) finished killing the Ooni and his son, they turned around and killed the same Afonja that invited them to Yorubaland.

With Prince Afonja out of the way, Fulani proceeded to consolidate their power in Yorubaland by converting Illorin to a Fulani emirate till today. This is the reason why Yoruba people will always be subservient to the all powerful, all conquering Fulani. Every Yoruba Muslim owe his or her allegiance to the Sultan of Sokoto not Ooni of Ife or Alafin of Oyo. Was it not few months ago that a Yoruba Muslim Oba declared his Kingdom a Fulani emirate.

Check out all the Yoruba heavyweights in APC or serving Buhari, they are all Muslim. Lai Mohammed, Bola Ahmed Tinubu, Fashola, Saraki etc, are all Muslim. While those opposed to Buhari like Pa Adebanjo, Femi Fani-Kayode, Gov. Fayose, Obasanjo and their likes are all Christians.

Stop weeping for Middle Belt because they are gone. The only territory left is Biafra. We must defend her.

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