By Chika Austine

In the world of mysticism, the wills of men are often times reprogrammed to align with the wills of those with higher mystic powers or the spirits. This is applicable in our own world today that most actions and inactions of men today are often times approached with regrets. Any King that must conquer the realm of humans, must first of all conquer  in the realm of non humans. It is this realm that every great man looks upon to prevail.

It is true that i am a conservative  student of Nnamdi Kanu, but most times in my meditation or attempts to transcend to the immortal realm  of his soul, I discovered he (Nnamdi Kanu ) is at the advanced kabalistic realm which requires lots of soul and body self denials. This realm is not for those who brag in their PHD certificates, rather a hyper spiritual world that no one who brags in mundane things will get into. It is at this realm decisions over this worlds are taking and human minds turn to error or rights.

I am obviously interested in spiritual understanding as I do know that the spiritual rules our weak human realm.  In the ancient ages, no great man plays with his spiritual dimension. Abraham could not win his battles until he had an encounter with the beings from the higher realm according to Genesis 18:2 down. same to Issaac. What of Jacob who settled his score first with a strange being before confronting Essau  and it was recorded; “…in his strength he struggled with God. Yes, he struggled with the Angel and prevailed; He wept, and sought favor from Him….” (Genesis 32:22-31).

It might interest you to know that Moses did not dare confront Pharaoh until he was done with the expository classes on Egyptian mysticism and Hebrew Kabala. What of Jesus? He never performed nor acted until he was visited and taking on tour with Satan. In fact it was after his more than 40 days and 40 night wonderful  interaction  with different beings that he started his ministry (Mathew 4:1-11).

The problem is not making a choice of spiritual part, but most seriously is identification with the right channels. It is suicidal to confront kings with lesser or inferior powers. When one do such, he is on the path to hell. Why Biafra restoration project of today is unquenchable is due to Nnamdi Kanu's right spiritual choice. He choses the mother of all religion (Judaism) against others. Judaism he chose and committedly practice is the mother of all mysticism and spiritualism. Thousands of years before now, the creator of universe stated " there is no divinition against Jacob, no evil omens against Israel..." (Numbers 23:23). No wonder all the attempts to weaken Nnamdi kanu spiritually through the Arab and India mystics crashed.


Nnamdi Kanu having been trained and anointed by Chiukwu Okike Abiama, decided to adopt a multifaceted attacks on Nigeria and Buhari. Like Moses of the old, he was bold to announce to all what is to come upon Nigeria which is happening in our own very eyes. He invoked spirit of errors on Aso Rock now that all there move to stop Biafra emergence draws Biafra close. What a man! Today, Aso Rock has murdered sleep and will sleep no more.

Today, the attempt of Buhari to conquer Biafrans have made and portrayed him an enemy of the world. Western countries warming up to be used by Okike to punish Buhari as Trump and Macron made us to understand. That is spirit of error at work! Powerful Spirit that works for the Almight God as was seen in 2 chronicles 18:21. This same Spirit is at work heavily in Aso Rock and Nigeria. This Spirit Thousands of years Years ago brought to an end the Buhari like King Ahab.

Same Spirit and the spirit of madness (1Samuel 10:10) are  at work seriously in Aso Rock. No man has the power to call upon these beings at work except such man has a spiritual understanding. Nnamdi Kanu's ability to put these beings into work against Nigeria and Buhari makes him a great spiritual man. These three spirits (the spirit of errors, spirit of lying spirit  and the spirit of madness) could be devastative.

In 90s, Israel Rabbi and Spiritual men invoked them on Saddam Husein and he was crushed in 2003 for his evil against Israel and Kurdish People to whom Israel love. The same Spirits were descended on Ghadfi (though I love him) by Israel and he was crushed. What of Hitler? It was the Jewish Kabala that ended him up in 1945. It might interest you to know that same spirit of error was released on Argentina football team by Jewish Rabbi for their cancellation of their friendly match with Israel due to Arab preasure.

Today, in error, Buhari is killing the middle beltans who helped him against Biafrans during the war. What an error! While he is in the great error, the lying spirit is busy taking over Pastor Osibanjo, Rev. Father Mbaka, Pastor Adesina and Buhari's aid to advise him wrongly. Hell is loosed on Nigeria and Demons of hell are in haste to bring to an end, Nigeria. Many bloods are yet to flow, but those whose ways are on the path of righteousness will prevail!

May our prophet and prince (Nnamdi Kanu) be shield against the plot of the wicked ones, even as it has been revealed that he is kept in Nigeria's Navy ship. Iseee! Iseee!! Iseeee!!!

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