The Islamic government of Nigeria which is presently and forcefully occupying Biafraland through it's military, has once again intensified it's political, economic, religious and diplomatic onslaught against the interest of the Jewish State of Israel.

This assertion is credibly and legitimately supported by the Israeli promulgated law which clearly stipulated that the emerging nation of Biafra and the entire Jews globally, their location notwithstanding, must be rescued. Recall that the Nigerian Islamic government has recently, out of stark hatred for the nation of Israel, boldly voted in the United Nations, in support of Hamas terrorists' attacks on the Israelis.

Nigeria has persistently shown total disrespect and disdain to Jewish interests all over the world with no traceable provocation whatsoever. Their hatred stems from the towering Jewish affinity and pride. Currently, the Nigerian Islamic government is bluntly carrying out glaring spate of systematic onslaught against Judaism in Africa in such a manner that Jewish adherents in Biafraland have become regular targets marked for annihilation. The government is well aware of the Biafra's Jewish ancestry and to an appreciable extent, judaistic in religion.

On Tuesday 11th December 2018, was a day that recorded yet another round of despicable attack on the Biafran Jewish adherents by the combined forces of the Nigerian Islamic army and police in Umuahia, the Abia State capital city. The Jewish adherents were on a very peaceful annual religious procession in their numbers, when they came under weaponised attack. With this ugly development, it has become obvious that the Nigerian government is out for a cold war against the State of Israel and her revered religious interest in the land of Biafra. Right from onset, there has never been any account depicting the Nigerian armed forces, attacking the Roman Catholic or Protestant Church faithfuls in the course of their respective religious processions/activities. With thees tainted diplomatic relationships existing between Nigeria and the State of Israel, Biafrans are hereby calling on the government of Israel to courageously override existing international protocols skewed against Biafra independence by vetoing it as a prelude for her recognition as a sovereignty. It will amount to an outright policy suicide if the Israeli government fails to compel Nigeria to recognize Biafra as a sovereign State. This of course will continue to enjoy a measure of credence as she holds on to the voracious gale of agitation being driven by the Biafran people, considering the Israeli political interest in the continent of Africa. There arises a damning conspiracy against Jewish interests in Biafraland. The Nigerian government is steadily and completely employing every arsenal in her disposal to wipe out all traces linking Biafrans to their age long Jewishness both religiously and culturally.

It is important therefore, to make the Israeli government to fully understand that any assault on Biafran Jews and Jewish adherents, is a direct assault against the nation of Israel and all Jews globally. The Nigerian government is not just seeing the barbaric attack on the Biafran Jews in Umuahia on Tuesday 11th December 2018, as a mere attack on innocent civilians but a well orchestrated diplomatic onslaught against the concerns of the Israeli nation.

The only damnably painful recompense to Nigeria's array of rascality is to clinically employ Israeli diplomatic advantage against Nigeria. This should globally be harnessed to curry international support for Biafra independence from Nigeria defunct federation which is under the control of Islamists. All that Nigeria is presently doing, is channeled towards crafting ideas that will cripple Israeli interests in Biafraland as it has assumably, successfully been done in other African countries. Obviously, the Israeli government has all it takes to compel Nigeria to accord recognition to the sovereignty of Biafra. All these unprovoked and humiliating attacks on Biafran Jews are obviously contravening and challenging the Jewish State newly promulgated law that empowers her to go beyond her borders and swiftly delve into rescue mission of all Jews undergoing persecutions. The Israeli government definitely, has no other legitimate alternative than to employ the usage of her influence on international politics and courageously veto the sovereignty of Biafra on Nigeria. The government of Nigeria has so callously and defiantly committed all forms of atrocities against Biafran Jews. All that the Israeli nation should do is to conscientiously embark on rescue mission of all endangered Jews including Biafrans as clearly and fully spelt out in the newly promulgated law of the Jewish State.

Written by Mazi Onyebuchi Eze
Edited by Peter Oshagwu
For Family Writers Press

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