The Supreme Leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) worldwide, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, will be on live broadcast on Radio Biafra, London, on Sunday 21st October, 2018.

Worldwide Time Zones:

* 6:00 PM Biafra Time

* 6:00 PM London Time

* 7:00 PM Berlin Time

* 8:00 PM Jerusalem, Israel Time

* 7:00 PM Paris, France Time.

* 2:00 AM Tokyo, Japan Time.

* 7:00 PM South Africa Time.

* 7:00 PM Rome, Italy Time.

* 10:30 PM India Time.

* 8:00 PM Cyprus Time.

* 1:00 PM Washington, DC, USA Time.

* 8:00 PM Nairobi, Kenya Time.

* 2:00 AM Tokyo, Japan Time.

* 7:00 PM Berlin, Germany Time.

* 8:00 PM Moscow, Russian Time.

* 2:00 PM Brazilian Time.

* 7:00 PM Madrid, Spain Time.

You are hereby encouraged to duly inform all your family members and well wishers to join us as we tune into Radio Biafra live broadcast from the holy land of Israel as stipulated above per date and time.

How to listen to Radio Biafra
-Tune into CHK 102.1
-Download Radio Biafra App on your phone or go to our website or

The live broadcast can also be monitored through any of the underlisted channels, via:

* Radio Biafra App
* Tune-in Radio
* Simple Radio
*Also follow and like us on our official Facebook page Radio Biafra to watch the live studio broadcast.


On our Yamal-402 DTH Platform:
Frequency: 20/C band 55°E, freq 11045MHz

Pol: Vertical Symbol Rate: 40MSym, DVB-S, QPSK, 2/3 FEC, Service ID: 5

* Radio Biafra is also on Satellite AMOS 5 satellite @ 17E. Frequency: 12216V S/R: 27500 FEC-3/4

Visit our website link @:

Carol Munday
Deputy Head IPOB Media Team

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