Biafra: Explosive !!!! IPOB intelligence reports : why Tillerson was fired

Explosive !!!!

IPOB intelligence reports :

Today is another day that the handlers of Jubril, the Sudanese impostor claiming he is Buhari, will know that the era of high scale bribery with Biafra crude oil will not work with President Donald Trump. Some of you may not know why Tillerson was fired but I can authoritatively tell you that the gluttonous former Secretary of State came to Nigeria against the advice of President Trump. That's why he was sacked.

Tillerson's visit to Nigeria had nothing to do with fight against terrorism or good governance, he came to cement oil concessions to ExxonMobil. He was the former CEO of ExxonMobil. He came to do the usual oil deal with Hausa Fulani Islamic savages as they have been doing over the years, so that USA will turn a blind eye to APC regime atrocities and human rights abuses. Tillerson came for his own pocket not United States foreign policy interest.

When the State Department announced that Tillerson will be visiting Africa, Nigeria was never included in his itinerary. On getting to Kenya, he decided to add the extra leg of his trip to see Jubril (Buhari) because as with John Kerry they have prepared his own person oil block for him together with lucrative deals for ExxonMobil as long as he turns a blind eye to Buhari's mass murder of unarmed civilians. That was the reason why US Embassy in Kenya announced Tillerson's visit to Abuja instead of the State Department in Washington as protocol demands. When US Embassy in Nairobi first issued the statement that Tillerson was coming to see Buhari, the State Department quickly shut him down and ordered his immediate return to Washington.

Almost immediately, State Department issued a statement canceling the trip Abuja. They gave the reason that Tillerson was returning to Washington for personal reasons. But the money Fulani ruling cabal promised him and oil concessions to ExxonMobil were too mouth watering to resist. Out of greed he stopped over in Abuja to collect his own share instead of heading straight to Washington as ordered. Immediately Trump heard of his meeting with Jubril, he fired him immediately without the courtesy of informing him that he was about to be fired.

Tillerson's greed for Biafra oil and petro-dollar cost him his job. Britain that have spent 64 years milking and sucking Biafra dry will be panicking because Trump has only given them 3 more years of feeding off Biafra oil money, after that they are on their own.

This shows that Trump and Netanyahu are working very hard to free Biafra. Think about the ACHR ruling against Buhari. The first in history. Do you know Nnamdi Kanu's next ECOWAS Court case has been moved from Abuja to Bamako Mali? Yes, Barr. Ejiofor is going to Mali to appear in the case because Aso Rock has been successful in intimidating ECOWAS judges anytime they sit in Abuja. Some people think Trump should be shouting Biafra Biafra everyday but they are wrong. Trump knew people were killed for coming out to support him in Port Harcourt Rivers State during his swearing in ceremony. He has never forgiven Buhari. Tillerson has paid with his job and the humiliation of being sacked via Twitter.
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