How could I have been born poor when my land is ever rich?

They told me stories and keep repeating the same stories till I became an adult.

They told me that those whom I live with whom I had always taken as brothers, those whom some of my brothers understand their tongue are my enemies.

How can it be?

I don't get it. How can my brother's brother be my enemy and a total stranger my friend?

How can it be?

Am I dreaming? Is this real?

I had always known my surname and always knew my region. But now they tell me that my surname only belongs to my cousins and my region is now my surname.

How did it happen?

How come the sudden change?

Who is responsible for these identity distortions?

What are his motives?

Why, why, why???

Why is he so interested in putting me at par with my cousins?

They pushed further from their distant lands and took refuge in my own land. After chasing my beloved cousins very far from me, they came right into my sitting room and started stealing from me.

They stole everything.

They shared it amongst themselves and if I ask them for just a little they will send their bees and soldier ants against me. The ants will destroy my home n the bees will never go away.

Yet they still claim to be my friends.

They said I am 5% and they are 97% so because of that I can't speak in my own house.

Now my cousin is back to take me home and he has reminded me that I am not who they said I am that I am who I have always known that I am.

Yes, he came back for me against all odds yet they wouldn't let us be.

They wouldn't let us go home.

Why, why, why???

Something keeps telling me it is because of the soup in my kitchen but this time I won't let them have their way.

They might have called me


But I know that's only my region.

My name might be IJAW, Ikwerre, Urhobo, Ibibio, Efik etc but my surname is


And I must go home with my cousins in the hinterland.



Tari Nemi

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