My fellow Biafrans, IPOB hardcores, freedom fighters and lovers of freedom all over the world.
Good morning, Good afternoon and Good evening depending on where you are reading this article from. I want to announce to you all that IPOB worldwide campaign of #NoMoreNigeriaElectionInBiafraLand, is yielding fruits so marvellous in Biafra land. Most especially the kick off of it in Anambra state 18/11/2017 Election campaign of #NoElectionInAnambraState that is heavily slimming down the ZOO politicians in Anambra state right now. What they are now doing, is to call peoples phone numbers and start pleading to them to come out on 18/11/2017 and vote. Don't forget, these are those they killed their children, brothers and sisters and also labelled them terrorist, are the same people they are today calling to come out and vote for them.

My advice to those whom these killers and criminal politicians are calling is this; please, don't be deceived by these ritualists rampaging everywhere looking for whom to kill and drink their blood for power. Remember that what IPOB is doing, is not just fighting for the restoration of BIAFRA but also the restoration of the lost thinking faculty of Nigerians and Africans in general. Why do I say so? Because Nigerians no long think as human beings created in the likeness of CHIUKWU OKIKE ABHIAMA (ALMIGHTY GOD OF ABRAHAM) but rather they think like chicken who fails to understand the reason why they are been fed in a cage, is to be killed by its owner any time they grow fat and good for food.

 Nigerians have lost their memory card (THEIR BRAINS) in the hands of their politicians, they now move up and down without brain to reason. That's why they now act and behaves like a remote-control robot doing exactly what their political Pythons are asking them to do.

The Africans in general, are in a very big almighty mess because, the African leaders has totally destroyed African's image before the world and their citizens don't even care about it because, they don't reason. What is happening in Africa today would have sparked off heavy protest and total shot down all over African state. But do you see it happening? The answer is NO because, the brain of a black man in Africa, has been stolen by their brutal leaders. Let me use Nigeria And Cameron as a case study; since 30th of May, Biafrans heroes’ day, 2015 till date, it has been seasons of massacre of BIAFRANS in Nigeria by Mohammed Buhari's government. And no African leader has deemed it feet to condemn these genocidal actions from the ZOO called Nigerian government against the Biafran population, because they are all guilty of the same actions against their own people directly or indirectly. And No group from Africa has also come out to protest about these massacres of Biafrans in Nigeria.
So, what does this signal means to you? It's shows that Africa, is just a continent occupied by people who knows nothing about the values of live and also a people without human sympathy.

Coming down to Republic of Cameron, on 1st of October 2017, the Southern Cameroonians /Ambazonians (Anglophone) citizens celebrating their 56years of independence from the British, was brutally massacred by Biya (the president of Cameron) another killer in Africa. More than 60 unarmed innocent Ambazonians freedom fighters were massacred on cold blood that day and even till now, this people are still being killed like animals which made thousands of southern Cameroonians to run away from their land and now refugees in Biafra land as you read this article. And there is no outcry coming from any quarter or group in Africa nor their leaders to condemned these acts of genocide against southern Cameroonians except the IPOB families that has condemned this genocide because we Biafrans values human lives.

Coincidentally, Catalonians conducted their referendum on that same day and they were intimidated harassed, beaten up and over 400 Catalians, were arrested and detained by the Spanish police (please take note that no live was lost). Which sparked off a heavy reaction from the world leaders, the same people who fails to react in African killings and even Nigerians and Africans who keep mute and blind eyes over their own people here was shouting everywhere on ZOO radio and also on social media in condemning the actions of the Spanish government.

Shame and sorry for those who have EYES but cannot see, EARS they have, but cannot hear and also BRAIN they have, but they can't reason.

I want to let the IPOB families all over the world to know this, most especially our people in Anambra state, that the IPOB movement/project, is not only targeting at setting Biafrans free from slavery, but also, we are on a mission to restore the glory of GOD in Africa in general.
So therefore, what so ever you're asked to do, please do it. Because the job that IPOB is doing today, is a solid foundation that other future emerging country in Africa, will stand upon and be free from their own slave masters in time to come.
We should bear it in mind that so many enslaved nations in Africa are taking note of what we're doing and also the world is watching and also paying attention to the happenings here in Biafra land.

We are like the only qualified football team in Africa right now to compete with the world in this game. And the only thing that will qualify us to final in this struggle, is to score this penalty which is to boycott the Anambra state election come 18 of November 2017 few days from today.

We must avoid fighting this War twice.
We must not fail our fallen heroes who has paid with their blood.
We must not allow the blood money they are sharing in Anambra state right now, to divert our attention nor sabotage this campaign of SIT AT HOME.
We must not fail to sit at home on 18 of November 2017 and enjoy our OFE NSALA SOUP.
We must not fail to carry this victorious cup, because at the end, we shall win and shall sing songs of victory to the glory of CHIUKWU OKIKE ABHIAMA ISEE! ISEE!! ISEE!!!.


Written by:
Danny West
For: Abia Media Team

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