Be inspired,  beloved and highly esteemed Biafrans the world over.  Our foes made a miscalculated and misguided move that made the struggle snowball from mere agitation to a very serious international issue deserving brisk attention.  Stop ululating about the military invasion in the guise of training (Python Dance Operation in the East).  It is the real reason behind the success recorded so far,  beloved.  Sometimes our enemies play into our hands.  Do you know why?  It is because we are God's own children blessed to redeem the black world from debased level of existence.  O yes,  Biafrans,  Tamuno's/Oghene's/Chukwuokikeabiama's/Abasi's/Tamara's own people,  will remove the black race from darkness. We are the evasive and elusive light to the black race.

As I write this inspiring piece,  Biafrans all over the world are holding rallies in several countries.  Protests have been staged in several countries in Asia, North and South America,  Australia, Europe, and Africa.  Our gallant nationals in the Diaspora are trudging on without let or hindrance.  The song you hear on earth is "FREEDOM FOR BIAFRANS". We shall sing this song until the right things are done to engender our exculpation and emancipation from the talons and pernicious clutches of this demonic and destructive enclave called Nigeria.  The world can feel our understandable frustration,  for we have lived in pains as captors in this dungeon we now refer to as a zoo.  It is time to go!  We are marching round the world preparatory to the main event.  The time and date for the main event is not to be disclosed here.  I enjoin every true Biafran to work hard to be abreast of global information concerning the struggle.  The real work is outside the shores of Nigeria.  Mazi Nnamdi Kanu,  our beloved leader,  has done the local part. It is time for the international part,  and it is with a heart bursting at the seams with joy that I wish to say that we doing very well overseas.

Yes,  the chains are clanging because freedom is nearby, but what we need is for the glasses to click in commemoration of celebration of our victory.  For those who know not what is happening,  there is a serious war between the children of light (Biafrans) and the agents of darkness (Nigeria). This war has dragged on for too long and has taken several lives from us.  But there is something that gives us solace: light always triumphs over darkness.  Recall that the struggle had come to a stagnant point, because it got to a point that we were worried that the international community was criminally quiet over the glaring killings.  Some of us felt we were not making further progress and that there was an urgent need to take this Biafra project to the world.  Well,  little did we know that  God, our Maker,  Creator,  and fountain,  was working behind the scene.  Little did we know that the Pharaoh of our time would be used to take the project to the globe. Oh that military invasion!  That Gestapo entrance into our peaceful lands!  How great thou art, Jehovah!  You have turned the acts of our enemies into our celebration. Glory and honour to your name,  Jehovah Nissi and Shammah!  You are Adonai, the I AM THAT I AM. You are EBENEZZER,  the Mighty Man in Battle.  Biafrans will forever be grateful to you, the Pillar that holds our lives. Amen and Amen. Brothers and sisters,  read the poem below and be inspired.  I had to write this to tell the story.


They came in their number;
Boots well laced;
The knozzles ready to emit;
Fingers on triggers;
And expressions warlike.

Unleash the Fulani khaki did,
Neither children
Nor adults were spared.
Full loads of artillery
Offloaded on the unarmed
Inhabitants of the East.

That invasion unprovoked,
Yet lethally severe.
Unarmed boys and girls
In filthy pools;
Some drinking,
Others rolling.
The command from the khaki.
The swooshing of the whip heard
Here and there;
The bodies of innocents the target.
Some wailed, others shrieked.

Pains here.
Anguish there.
Our lands once peaceful,
Now in disarray and chaos.

"Kill Nnamdi Kanu"
The goal of the invasion.
We wailed
We complained,
With no help in sight.

The oppressors smiled,
While we wreathed in pains.
O how the tables have turned,
As the oppressor gets oppressed.

For the unprovoked incursion,
Things have fallen apart
And the centre can no longer hold.
The oppressive enclave
Totters on the brink of extinction.
The curtains have been drawn
On Nigeria.

It is exeunts Nigeria,
Enters BIAFRA.
Light fades out on the oppressor;
Sun rises in BIAFRA.
The voice that once cried
Is the same voice that CELEBRATES.

All over the world
The sound gets louder by the day.
The sentence is short,
But the sound is loud.

An inspiring piece for Biafrans all over the world.

Russell Idatoru Bluejack is a thinker,  revolutionary writer, university tutor,  and socio-economic and political analyst that writes from the creeks in the coastal part of Biafraland.

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