Biafra: If there's restructuring will the states be entirely responsible for their resources, religions and laws - Lolo Carol Munday

I've been thinking about the restructuring it's been playing on my mind, as yesterday we had Ohaneze's John Nwodo in London speaking about restructuring although positioned to speak about referendum he never did, also he never really raised the concerns over the Military invasion into the SE the attack upon the home of Umuahia King/traditional leader or the whereabouts or safety of Biafran leader Prince Nnamdi Kanu especially as Nwodo was desperate to be seen with Nnamdi after his release from Kuje.

I gather now also a high ranking official possibly the Nigerian commissioner flew from Abuja to make sure the Amnesty conference due today in London was cancelled.

Now when I see such things I think okay let's look for the money, I mean after all money is at the root of all evil, and I'm drawn back to restructuring. It's my opinion they are holding Nnamdi Kanu or keeping him from Biafrans especially with this extra-judicial order to kill him obviously hanging in the air. Why? Elections? Or restructuring?.

I also read Buhari is getting headache from all the talks of restructuring and yesterday I was only saying it won't work, but still I should have been looking for the money the benefit to the FG of restructuring.

Now despite being adopted as a Biafran, I haven't known Biafra/Nigeria relatively very long about 5 years but many know me I read a lot, and talk a lot and voice for Biafrans, so bear with me it's just the way I am looking at it, my opinion now when Nigeria was created it was meant to look after the cultural and ethnic groups within its amalgamation (well that's my understanding), in that each state flourished had its local courts and laws and a percentage of the states profit from oil etc was sent to FG.. over time they manipulated this with changes in the trading agreements/constitutions, Gowon had a hand in many of the changes, I still feel he's responsible for the entire Biafra civil war because he caused it by creating states and breaking the peace accords, when Biafrans kept shouting "On Aburi we Stand" but the big change over time, adopted and heavily influenced by Gowon was the way States profited at some point after the war it crept into constitution that the FG basically owns everything under the ground not the states/people.

Yes so all the 74 valuable minerals (including a very rare mineral used in the micro chips in smart phones), Oil, Gas, Coal, etc.. now the FG sees the profit from these and then returns a portion of this to the states.

So what used to work (yes when the Nigerian money was worth more then the British pound despite ethnic tensions) they swung it around and over time because of looting hands buttered on the way up and way down, the Giant of Africa has been brought to its knees.

(Aside from all the ethnic tensions here). So my question is if there's restructuring will the states be entirely responsible for their resources, religions and laws?? 🤔 #Greed #MyMoneyIsOnThePalmAndBananas #Referendum

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