Biafra: Nnamdi Kanu And The Proponents Of Heroism

June 8, 2017
Ever since the embattled leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, staged a heroic walk out of the four walls of Kuje Prison, the venomous attacks of his critics, some of whom never believed he would one day break free from detention, soared higher.

Many have been said and written about the conduct of the IPOB leader. While some are relieved that at last he has regained freedom in spite of the harsh conditions behind his bail, others have devised many means to slander his name in a desperate bid to pin him down in a wrongdoing.

Pundits have argued that “whether we like it or not, we have made Nnamdi Kanu into a substance, from being a mere agitator in the shadows. He no longer is a poison-free serpent lurking in the hedges of Nigerian unity. His neck sprouts out, his tongue forked, venom drips. He has become more than a shadow of a titan, if not a budding one. It was not his doing”.

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But however it is, the Nigerian government had no right to subvert his rights in the pursuit of the purity of right in the country. Nnamdi Kanu is undoubtedly a hero who became more pronounced by undermining a straightforward adherence to the common laws of the land Nigeria operates on.
So could it be that there was a deliberate plot to defame and inter-switch him to a villain that we now see many hawks each blessed week pouring out their misconceived utterances against him, even after proving a couple of times that he can be liable and trustworthy?

Some began by flying the evil kite that Kanu has violated the stringent bail conditions handed to him by the High Court judge in granting interviews and organizing a successful sit-at-home exercise, demanding that his bail be revoked. Others claim to have invented that he now seeks for a position and integration into the murky waters of the Nigerian political space, hence has abandoned the Biafra project. While others fabricated that he collected a cash gift of 50 million dollars and two Sport Utility Vehicles, SUVs, from the gubernatorial candidate and Governor of Anambra state, Willie Obiano.

In all this, a discerning mind can rightly detect a foul play and evil machinations of the enemies and detractors aimed at whittling down the influences of the Biafra leader cum hero whom everyone have come to realize that he does not only do what he preaches, he preaches what he does.
In effect, people have realized that all these venomous punches thrown at the IPOB leader Kanu, is just one of the cycle a true and confirmed hero had to undergo to prove his mettle beyond every reasonable doubt that he is indeed a hero who has captured the attention of the world by merely demanding for the independence and liberation of his nation and the Biafrans people.

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It is not so easy, especially in Nigeria, to become a hero without passing through the enormous challenges and vituperation of the enemies who never envisaged that situation of things changes for those who have sacrificed their lives in perfecting that change. Similarly, Kanu has had his own share for daring fearlessly to challenge the status quo and the powers that be in the Nigerian political enclave.

The quest for freedom is no longer a hidden agenda meant to serve the interest of few individuals or groups, but a concerted effort towards ensuring that those in bondage, at best, are liberated from the shackles of alien invasion and forceful occupation of their natural homes of which Kanu and his IPOB, has taken a centre stage in bringing the aspirations of the people in the defunct Eastern region to limelight.

Many punches and propaganda are still going to be thrown to weaken the gullible minds of the people against the unwavering resolution and determination of the IPOB leader in the restoration of the Kingdom of God on earth, but it will only take the courageous few and discerning minds to decipher which is true and which is a mere fabrication targeted at slandering the image of the Biafra leader.

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Nnamdi Kanu appears not to be insulated from the vitriolic or rather, the acerbic tongues of his detractors, he understands that he will surely arrive at this stage in time but someone who embodies clear conscience, fears no accusation or evil punches of the enemies as that will only make him to soar higher than expected. Through their actions, they have already made him a hero behind the walls of prison, and now we only see another effort in entrenching the tenets of heroism in him, outside the walls of the prison. Let the countdown begin.

By Chukwuemeka Chimerue
Published Bu Chijindu Benjamin Ukah
For Biafra Writers

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