By Mazi Onyebuchi Eze (Nnamdi Kanu Disciple)
For Family Writers

Prof Chinua Achebe once said "The truest test of integrity is a blunt refusal to be compromised". As the ruling dates of the case of treasonable felony instituted by Nigerian government against Mazi Nnamdi Kanu in Nigeria Federal High Court Abuja and a case of Gross human right violation instituted by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu against Nigerian government in ECOWAS court draws nearer, the eyes of the world are now focused on the Judiciary of West Africa to dispense justice without any bias on who is sovereign state or who is an individual.

As the impeccable quote above from Prof Chinua Achebe implied, the ruling of the two courts in the cases are going to serve as the truest test of integrity on the judiciary of West Africa as obtainable in Nigeria domestic high court and ECOWAS sub-regional court.

Family Writers Press want to authoritatively make the president of ECOWAS court, Hon Justice Jerome Traore and Chief Justice of Nigeria, Hon Justice Walter Samuel Nkanu Onnoghen; to understand that now is the time to courageously write the name of judiciary in West Africa on sand of history by saying "No" to any compromise or bias ruling to favour any party in the two cases under reference.

Family Writers Press wish to make these hallowed judicial institutions namely ECOWAS sub-regional court and Nigeria domestic court know that they are few days away from making a historical achievement for the judiciary in West Africa sub-region and set a remarkable precedence and reference point for incoming young judicial officers should they refused to be compromised by the tyrannical government of Nigeria come March 1st and March 7th 2017 ruling of the cases respectively.

Family Writers Press wish to tell these judicial heavyweight intellectuals mentioned above that if there is at all any West Africa sub-regional institution that should be sacrificed at the altar of sub- regional political bubble or political interest of any nation in the sub-region, it should not be the judiciary.

Family Writers Press want Hon Justice Binta Nyako of Nigeria Federal High Court and Hon Justice Micha Wright of ECOWAS court to understand that "Judiciary is a sacred sanctuary where justice is rightly and justly administered without fear or favour, in its altars known as court by its priest know as Judge, and any priest who desecrate this altar or sanctuary of judiciary with compromised judgment has committed a sacrilege and can never escape the hammer of MOTHER JUSTICE in the realm".

The world is witness to all these forms of judicial drills and endless court adjournments targeted as punishment against Mazi Nnamdi Kanu as he continued being held in an unlawful detention despite previous court orders for his bail and release, as these two cases under reference are being heard in these courts.

If the courts fail West Africa sub-region judicial wise, because they feel they want to protect the political interest of the government that takes the lion-share in funding the sub-regional activities and programs of ECOWAS including its court, let them know that they have betrayed the confidence of international community and international judicial institutions vested on them in the sub-region and at the same time converted our courts to enclaves of injustice in West Africa.

Family Writers Press is by this article calling on these hallowed courts in Nigeria and West Africa sub-region to say "NO" to any blackmail, intimidation, pressure or interference from Nigeria government the hosting nation of the two courts, ECOWAS heads of governments, ECOWAS parliament, Africa Union or even British govt.

If the West Africa judiciary fail because of the protection of the ungodly yearning of an ungodly tyrant or protection of an obnoxious political interest of a state in the sub-region, then West Africa or by extension Africa as a whole has no future. Any nation, a sub-region, or even a continent without an independent judiciary is a failed geographical territory and is sitting on time-bomb of impunity and anarchy that will explode in due time.

ECOWAS court and Nigeria domestic high court must save the already battered image of Judiciary in West Africa sub-region by delivering an unbiased ruling in the cases under reference and also reject any pressure to further extend the date for ruling.

Family Writers Press and other international and local media organizations and human right organizations are already crossing our fingers in observation to see an unbiased and uncompromised ruling come March 1st in Nigeria municipal court and March 7th in ECOWAS sub-regional court. I rest my case!

Edited by Ebere Okolie

For Family Writers

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