1 of the businessmen (pastor) at my formal business center (church) called to advise me since over A-year I left them and followed NNAMDI KANU's teachings, BUT "SURPRISE SURPRISE" this businesses man(pastor) left the advise & started cautioning me about NNAMDI KANU and Biafra issues! #iLaughed ::::::"

THIS BUSINESSMEN HATES TRUTH YET CLAIMED TO BE RIGHTEOUS"::::: so he started the advise by asking me "is KANU(Jesus)?, that jesus is the only person to give us freedom, in fact that he has already given us freedom by dying on the cross...

He said,"their lord (Jesus)did many miracles.
(1)He turned water to become wine
(2)he made a blind man to see again
(3)he made 5 fishs to become thousands of fishes
(4)he started preaching at the age of 12
(5)that he walked on top of river
(6)he turned fisher men to his followers
(7)he died and resurrected, that I should come back to him (Jesus) that my life will change again KWA, so I quickly told him that "am now a child of G-D, not that time we were in Business center (church)., so I went ahead to ask him questions based on what he listed that Jesus did.

I asked him
(1) all that Jesus did, was it magic or miracles?
He Answered "miracles",
i asked him
(2) where you there when Jesus did those miracles?
He answered" No"
then i asked him again
(3) How come you believed all that since you were not there?
He went into state of confusion by saying (Jesus) says: we should believe on all he did since the spirit (faith) is in us i SMILED and said to the business man (pastor)..... But why is't that when it comes to Prophet, savior, the only whiter than white and whiter than snow servant of CHIUKWU OKIKE ABIAMAH NNAMDI KANU's case you people would try hiding the truth?

I went further to ask him
(4) Did you know that KANU has gone to land of death alive and comes back alive victoriously?
he said "NO",
I asked him again
(5) did you know that KANU has disciples more than Jesus?
" he said NO"
I asked him
(6) Did you know that I have not seen KANU in person but I believed in his words by faith just that same faith you had in Jesus?
He said "NO" that mine is not faith, that KANU brainwashed me,
"so i asked him again,
(7) Did you know that KANU has performed miracles by uniting the people of S/E together?
He said "NO" that KANU used charms to do that...I kept looking at his empty skull with smiling face. I asked him
(8) Did you know that KANU has planted seed of LOVE in us?,that we now love ourselves more than before despite our differences? He said "NO" that what is working in us is the OATH we took " because this businessman believes that LOVE can only exists only among his members,
" I asked him
(9) Why do you hate KANU & his followers?
He said "because KANU is a small boy to be doing what he is doing now, he added that KANU's followers are jobless youths, that some of them are not doing good job and many are criminals....
I laughed and asked him
(10) Who said in the bible that HE came for criminals, poor and hopeless people?
He answered " Jesus" and i quickly asked him
(11) Was many of Jesus followers not ordinary people like fishermen and also criminals before they were charmed?
He said " NO" that Jesus did not charm his followers to follow him that they received anointing from holy spirit.....#hahahahahahaahahahaha, "I then tell him that I HAVE EQUALLY RECEIVED my own anointing from holy spirit to follow PROPHET KANU, I added! At least NNAMDI KANU is still alive and am also alive and am witnessing his ministerial work while he is still alive, at least am seeing my Savior with my two eyes before following him but YOU never heard Jesus voice before following him....laughter!
Guess what?
This my formal business man (pastor) ASKED me our meeting venue::::::::HE is coming to partake on that OATH that kept me strong on the struggle......(Ozioma CHINEKE ganna aga niru niru) Biafra represents truth one earth... MESSIAH


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