"Because of the limited education of Muhammadu Buhari,  he thinks in the following ways;

1. A man who thinks that self determination is treasonable felony.

2. He believes that cows have freedom of movement to go anywhere they like but not human beings.

3. His understanding of democracy is that once you are elected president you no longer obey the law.

4. He believes that court orders are to be obeyed ONLY when the verdict is in his favour.

5. Corruption means seeing what wrong others have done but not the ones he did at PTF or that of his wife at Halliburton or their Islamic associates at EFCC like Ibrahim Lamorde.

6. Rule of Law to him means Rules of Engagement, he doesn't know the difference between the two.

7. He thinks that Foreign Policy success is when you shake hands with Obama and have your photographs taken with world leaders.

8. To him a civilian is somebody who must obey a military man carrying a gun.

9. Right to Peaceful Assembly advocates and street protest is the work of those who are undisciplined and must be killed .

10. Fulani terrorists (herdsmen) deserve police protection and should not be arrested or prosecuted but innocent villagers who are their victims should be made to face the full might of the law.

11. Cabinet is a village council where only your kinsmen are appointed to."

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