Nnamdi Kanu

The envy of Nnamdi Kanu's intelligence and success by the South-East, South-South and Nigeria Politicians at large, is beyond human comprehension. I have interviewed several Individuals, Politicians, Traditional rulers, and can boldly state it clear that, they are of knowledge that Biafrans are on the right track. But, I figured out that, one of the reasons for not supporting IPOB under Nnamdi Kanu, is the undying envy, of a Leader and Prophet they can never be.

 Ohaneze Ndigbo,South East and South-South Politicians tag Nnamdi Kanu a "Little Boy" . When asked why sabotaging and opposing the Biafra struggle, they give you a juvenile answer "How Can A Little Boy Lead Me? Nnamdi Kanu is too young, for me to be under him. I can't be under the leadership, of a Boy who is at the age of my son". It will surprise you to know that, this same Little Boy command millions of followers who are still loyal to him, even on detention and without financial attachment.

  The thoughts of having an incorruptible young Man, is tearing the power mongers in the Southern part of Nigeria apart. One may ask, how old was General Chukwuemeka Ojukwu,Nelson Mandela and other freedom fighters, when they took up the freedom fighting mantle?  Apart from stooping so low to eat from the crumbs of their Hausa/Fulani Pay Masters, they cannot stand the fact that, a Young Man like Nnamdi Kanu who epitomises standard Leadership and Greatness, is commanding a Crowd they don't stand the chance to control, even with their Political campaign. They wish to be like this unprecedented leader, but the level of corruption that has eaten up their system like cankerworm, would not give them such life time opportunity. The Indigenous People Of Biafra under the leadership of Citizen Nnamdi Kanu are ready to sacrifice their lives, for Nnamdi Kanu,this is one thing no one can do for this corrupt politicians, which led to the exhibition of envy.

 Nnamdi Kanu who this corrupt politicians claim to be too young to command the crowd following him, gave them a chance to do same, but it will surprise you to know that, the likes of Ikedife,Rochas Okorocha,Willie Obiano,Vitor Atah and a host of others in their life time, could not control such followers even with their monstrous political campaigns and stolen funds. If you consider Nnamdi Kanu to be too young, publicly state your achievements and the impact you have created, for the World to see. Even with the stolen funds, none of these politicians have been able to create employment or stop the economic meltdown gigantically facing them, rather the masses who voted them in, keep dying of perpetual poverty and neglects.

 This same Southern Politicians who do the bidding of the Hausa/Fulani, in their very eyes, have those they claim to be ruling, get massacred by the Youths from the North with impunity. They watch the Southern Women get raped and have their heads chopped off, without putting a stop to it. They pretentiously cry in the public and still travel to Aso Rock to laugh with their paymaster, like Ugwuanyi the Governor of Enugu State. How then will such incompetent ruler, be respected by the people? It is an obvious fact that, the masses have lost trust in them.

 If you don't want a Young Man to rule over you, why not showcase the intelligence of an Elderly Man which will create a positive impact in the lives of those you are leading, rather than trying to sabotage the intelligence of a man you consider too young to be a leader? Nnamdi Kanu's Truthfulness, Intelligence and Incorruptible lifestyle, gave rise to his success, rebirth of Biafra agitation and the determined coalition and pride of Lions surrounding him. But, the Lies, deceit, cowardice nature and corrupt lifestyles of this power mongers, have kept the crowd totally far from them. People have grown in intelligence, to understand the difference between Rulers and Leaders.  One can only buy the heart of money conscious individuals, but the millions of people ready to die on that cause must emerge.

I want the Nigeria Politicians to understand the fact that, Nnamdi Kanu was called and ordained to get Biafra restored. Biafra is spiritually anchored and no level of envy, sabotage or fight, can stop Biafra from being restored under his leadership. Detaining him, will not put a stop to the struggle, As long as you don't have what it takes to get Biafra restored, you cannot command same crowd as he does and the intensity of your envy will not stop the restoration of Biafra.

By Ibeh Gift Amarachi
For Family Writers

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