All over the world, no one takes unserious those groups who are agitating for a separate state. The behaviors of the group(s) is paramount to the global community as they are  the pseudo Government of the proposing state. Their internal and external behaviors culminate into what the proposing state would look like.

For a decade plus now, IPOB has been monitored and scrpted in her behaviors. Her internal behaviors which are embedded in descipline and focus have attracted global sympathies to her side as no nation or lovers of freedom would wish to identify with uncultured and confused people. IPOB has proven to many countries that she could manage a state better than what is known today as Government of Nigeria. Her descipline, sound management skills which is unofficially certified by the Brittenwood institution, her organigram and organogram which run her day to day activities make her a worthy metamorphosing state actor Government.

I am always keen on the way IPOB runs her Diplomacy than any other activities of hers. For I know that external relationship could make or mar whatever we are welcoming soon as Biafran state. I have been following US, EU, AU and countries of interests' responses on Biafra as being propelled by IPOB. For instance, against all odds, US and allied refused to by the idea of terrorists tag on IPOB. African countries equally followed suit despite pressure from the "giant of Africa".

EU on her own made a further revelation by telling the world that she and  "other embassies" are in discussion with IPOB under Nnamdi Kanu. That statement by EU last month got my head further up as that spoke volume to the struggle. To butress a better point, Emmanuel Macron of France against the plea of Aso Rock told her to activate internal solution (dialogue with IPOB) to Nigeria problem. Stupid pride and fear makes Nigeria Government not to think on the line of dialoguing with IPOB.

Yes pride of how a country will be talking to their "slaves" on separation affairs. The Fulani ruling elites are in psychological jeopardy over how they will be on a table with those they "conquered during the war" talking of Biafra. It is seriously depressing to their ego. But the engagement of IPOB by regional blocs like EU, AU and others who are far better than them, gives them a serious ache. If US, EU and other embassies are finding it worth engaging with IPOB, Nigeria feels terribly backstabbed by them. In no distance time, her pride will fail her!

Fear of getting to the table with a group that is not soft-pedaling on Biafra grips Nigeria. Nigeria has never had smart good diplomats who are train to have mastery over state craft. What she has in her stocks are bunch of coffee takers in her various foreign missions. No wonder all her internal crises are solved or resolved by contracted foreign negotiators. Her lack of sound minds to meet Biafra diplomats sends her into jittery. No wonder even her highest prosecutor could not face Biafra lawyer Barr. Ifeanyi Ejiofor in her own court. Nigeria fears her diplomats negotiating with IPOB will lead to "blunder of Aburi". What she feels to understand is that we are ready to negotiate on Biafran course even with their foreign rented negotiator.

Today's notice by IPOB publicity Secretary (Emma Powerful), informing us of the ongoing discussions with many world bodies and representatives is indeed a good one. The statement reads in part:

"At this present time, we are engaged in sensitive discussions with institutions, governments and agencies around the world. They need to be reassured that under no circumstances will any aspect of our deliberations be divulged to a third party or made public without their prior consent and approval. The same principle applies in our meetings with Igbo leaders until a joint final communique is issued" -IPOB

This great move is great, a great indication that we are enjoying great recognition by powers that be in international Diplomacy. Our engagements with Governments of the world shows that if we lobby well, our referendum result will be recognized by many countries. And that will help us greatly. This aspect of the struggle has been a concern to me which the above statement by Emma Powerful has enriched my joy. Even the engagement with the Igbo leaders and other non Igbo leaders are great job.

IPOB has proven to be accountable to the people. The announcement is an indication that we are building a country that is going to run an open system in domestic and international Diplomacy. Great nation! We are indeed proving that we are creating a state in opposite point with the zoo.

Congratulations to we all for the news!

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