By Sunday Okafor
For Family Writers Press

I am always in deep pain and agony beyond my analysis ever since I came to the full knowledge of the meaning Nigeria which  simply represent demonic in all ramifications. Indeed my grief knows no bound having being called and addressed as a Nigerian in the time past. Nevertheless, the new hope of being identified as a citizen of Biafra is my greatest joy ever.

The Satanism attached with the name Nigeria have gone to the length that those addressed as Nigerians especially those who claim the ownership of Nigeria (Hausa/Fulanis') can no longer reason properly as human being, the attitude of these individuals wherever they are sighted represent animal behaviour and that is why Nigerians are popularly regarded as black monkeys in the western world. Nigerians are known for high level of crime and perpetration of evil such as decimation of innocent citizens, robbery, fraudulent, raping and so on. This is the reason why the level of scrutinization Nigerians undergo before they are permitted into another country even in many African countries is so much and worrisome, the attitude and  behavior of the Nigeria political class in looting of public fund is such that hundred pages of newspaper can not contain.

The dangers and the most disadvantages of being called a Nigerian is that people will continue to see you as an arm  robber, murderer, kidnapper, fraud star, not just here but everywhere you travel to around the world because the stain is already there. People can never be comfortable to do business with you as long as you are a Nigerian and you know what that will derive from you, people will always take you for granted because you are a Nigerian, the reason is because Nigeria is satanic from the day of formation, Nigeria is a product of orgasmic reaction between Frederick Lugard of Britain and Flora Shaw. The only remedy to this hurdles and embarrassment is to change your identity as a Biafran and all these will be a thing of the past.

It has been proved beyond reasonable doubt that Nigeria as a concocted country is evil, it is created, nurtured and planted on evil ground socked with innocent Biafran blood from 1967 during the time they committed genocide against Biafrans with their cohorts and foreign allies till date. Have you ever asked yourself why young Nigerians are eager to leave the country? Because Nigeria is the headquarters of the Satan on earth, this is where crime and illegalities thrive as business and it is a hard nut to crack seeing youths who did to join the band wagon of the criminals either in politics, robbery, or kidnapping to succeed. Because of these and more many would  taking the risk and travel far away to another man's country and face modern slavery.

Despite the afflictions and persecutions  Biafrans are  subjected to in Nigeria yet they  looks expendables and responsible  in all their undertakings. The name Nigeria has become a huge curse, shame, disgrace and unhelpful to all that believe in it.
When, you're being called a Nigeria, you're simply regarded as an uncircumcised. When you're being called a Nigeria, you're equally Corrupt mentally, physically, spiritually, financially, academically and otherwise.

Recently, Many Businessmen from Southeast region  perhaps Biafrans  have suffered a lot of setback, intimidation, restriction in  importation of Goods into this contraption called Nigeria but the case is different among Hausa/Fulani(s). Nigeria can never work in favor of Biafrans because you are God's own people. Neither will you benefit anything good or gain from it. instead you plant good and reap evil, because it is not the land Chukwuokikeabiama promised to give you. That land is Biafra.

Nigeria further signifies  Darkness,
maiming, illegal arrest,   humiliation, intimidation and Killing of Innocent Civilians who are unarmed, Nigeria further represent evil, malevolent,  moral decadence  corruption in the highest order above all enemy of the truth.
It is the condition of  Nigeria that  resulted to the high rate of  kidnapping, stealing, Constant killing, Rituals and divert atrocities committed by many Nigerians today. The foundation of Nigeria was formed on satanic and no amount of effort will ever change things positively as long as Nigeria is concerned, instead the increase in the level of illegalities on daily bases.

From all indications Nigeria has damaged beyond repair and that is why Biafra total freedom is paramount because we need a country where we can call our own, a country where the rights of every citizens will be respected, a country where justice prevail, all human being are expected to be free from intimidation, molestations and other forms of marginalization.

There is no better time for the world and the international organizations to do the needful as it regard the Biafra total freedom from Nigeria government  than now. It is on this moment that the USA, UN, EU, AU as well as men and women of goodwill also  lovers of freedom around the world to raise up to their feet and stand for justice and support Biafra referendum and total freedom.

#NigeriaMeansDanger #ToHumanRight

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