They celebrated the brutal onslaught by the army on their children between September 10th and 15th 2017. They believe nobody knows they are the ones who invited the army. They think they are so smart.

Not long after, the so called leaders sold away their children who were agitating for freedom and justice by banning and proscribing; Aso Villa congratulated them by granting them audience and rewarded them handsomely with bags of money and yet more promises of ministerial appointments. They are now planning an Igbo summit in Enugu to complete the scripted deception of their own people thereby sealing the fate of their unborn generations to a life of eternal servitude under Northern Caliphate hegemony.

The organisers of the so called Igbo summit billed for November 2017 know they have betrayed and sold out their children for a reward. This supposed summit is only designed to hoodwink the gullible masses as they continue their shameless pretence that they truly care.

Six weeks ago, this group of ruthless exploiters invited the Hausa Fulani Islamic army to perform the periodic slaughter of their children using Python Dance as cover. They planned it, in order to crush the restructuring gale that has swept through the land like a harmattan breeze. As their reward for treachery well executed, they were invited to the villa and congratulated by the oppressor. Then as the loyal subjects they are to their Northern masters, they were instructed to organise an Igbo summit for November, which they are dutifully working on at the moment.

These stubborn traitors do not know that they have successfully put themselves in an empty room. Having isolated themselves from the masses whom they claim to represent and having entered into a league with the oppressor in exchange for cash and lowly political appointments, they have clearly become leaders without followers.

The 47 year old culture of the North imposing leaders on the East is about to come to an abrupt end. The people having realised that these imposed leaders remain loyal to Abuja, have resolved to free themselves from the shackles of eternal slavery and bondage in Nigeria. The conspiracy to kill Kanu and destroy the great IPOB, secretly agreed by these political leaders who are visibly insecure due to Kanu’s electrifying popularity has opened the eyes of the long suffering oppressed masses to the grave situation they are in.

This delicate situation has drawn the battle line between these imposed leaders who are agents of the Northern oppressors on one side and IPOB freedom fighters who are the true heroes of the people on the other. The Die is cast!

As the vultures gather for their fake Igbo summit sponsored by Abuja, none of them can drive unescorted by armed guard around his home town because they know the people are aware of their treachery and conspiracies against the masses. As the masses seethe in anger over the betrayal by these leaders, Abuja, keeps promising them ministerial positions which never materialises.

They helped Abuja shoot down restructuring by moving against Kanu, thereby destroying the fledgling and long awaited political consensus between the East, West and Middle Belt. They sold their children’s future for a few crumbs. They also pretend that they do not know that by betraying Kanu, they have shot down their own professed restructuring agenda.

They hope to use this useless Igbo summit to hoodwink the people. Shame! The tragedy of this whole sorry episode is the inability of the traitors to see clearly that the era of “47 year old game” is gone forever. Today, nobody is fooled. The masses are watching them, as they gloat over their treachery. The people are waiting for a signal to vent their anger on these imposed leaders, whose only relevance is that they are the chosen errand boys of the same oppressor holding the masses in bondage.

Soon and very soon, the hurricane will blow over the land and the ruthless oppressor and his agents will be nowhere to be found. The clock is ticking, all the signs are there, only the naive can feign ignorance of the omen. Nobody is interested in their sponsored summit and no right thinking person will attend it. 


Mazi Chika Edoziem 
Head of the Directorate of State (DOS) of the Indigenous People of Biafra

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