Daddy Freeze has struck the purse like Karma.

Please read this carefully..

Don't mix my Moet with your kai-kai and claim you got it from me first!
Once upon a time Nnamdi Kanu said that, "Christianity is becoming too fraudulent in Nigeria. That all the so called men of God do is to rape the congregation of their Fortunes.."
A lot of Christians ran straight to social media without their senses.. Concoctions of the statement were published. Final inference was Nnamdi Kanu is anti Christ! Kill him! How dare him question the pieces of meat in a GO's soup??..

The girls asked for his head the way Salome and her mother asked for the head of John the Baptist! The men ran amok and sold him like Judas, this Time less than a tithe of a tithe!!
Nnamdi Kanu, on trying to vindicate himself, gave a demographic wealth distribution of Christians in Nigeria. Sincerely the Igbos seem to be carrying the financial  Cross of that religion alone..

Christianity is to Igbos, the same way they were carrying  PDP and didn't know every other person have ran away and left them with the burdens.. Same thing that made them political 5%ers has creped into their religion..

In awe Kanu screamed, " Biafrans, stop wasting your wealth on these "Yoruba" men of God and their churches. Stop sponsoring these big con men in the name of tithes and offering. Go home and build yourselves a true temple!"..

Before he could drop the mic, isi agbaka men! Who born Kanu?? Onye bu Nna ya?? Esi ebe ya aga ebe onye??

Curses, abuses, insults and vulgar words thundered like tsunami on social media..
I am sure some "Men of God" opened several secular accounts on social media to attack and bring down this man who wants to convert their bread to kpekere..
See them see quotations.. ha si na Old Testament, they will bounce to New Testament.. Some will even add Koran, just to get an Amen to tithes!..

When they loose the argument, they remind you that Nnamdi Kanu is Igbo and his vituperations is simply hate speeches and red line crossing against the Yorubas..
In Nigeria, you can hide Africa once you mention tribes and ethnic groups..
On several occasions I had written and cried about the life of the tithers.. The tithes got more protection than the tither.

A pastor in Abuja, a woman in Kano, 8 students in Zamfara,  Southern Kaduna, Enugu, Onitsha, Aba, Ozubulu, Umuahia etc one or several tithers would be killed. CAN will stay mute.. I am left with my lone voice and a few comments with anger and sad emoji.. CAN waits for the survivors to still bring their blood stained tithes on Sunday!
Fast forward to today..
Daddy Freeze has struck the purse like Karma. Last Sunday, tithes in most churches in Nigeria fell over 50% and who knows if they will be able to gather enough for the fuelling of their private jets this week with the rage of debate on social media.. Christians be like, ihe á dikwa ka ò bu scam.. There is either tithe strike or tithe suspension..
So the daddies, mummies, GOs, Bishops etc all had to abandon lined up and scheduled messages to define TITHES!.. They are now throwing tantrums on tweeter, fb and Instagram.. "famine" is about to hit the church!..

Congregation has heard what they shouldn't hear. They are now like Biafrans that know the truth about Nigeria. No going back.

Most of them have conducted their referendum on Christianity and have seceded their Famili from the "extortion"..
I have seen a lot of memes and name calling on the GOs. I have seen a lot of Yorubas now labelling Pastor Chris Oyakhilome - Christ Embassy, Bishop David Oyedepo, Bishop Adeboye etc as con men for collecting tithes and living a "heaven on earth" life style when their tithers are baked under the sun in suffrage like Rochas Okorocha's statue at Owerri ..

And I pray, if we can go down memory lane, excavate the truth and sieve out PDP vs APC, you will see again another vindication of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu on his words about the churches in Nigeria..


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