Secret trial: 5 UNBELIEVABLE things Nnamdi Kanu said about Buhari in court (video)

On Tuesday, December 13, the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) Nnamdi Kanu and three others were at the Federal High Court to face charges of treasonable felony, management of an unlawful society among others.

             Nnamdi Kanu said he cannot be intimidated by President Muhammadu Buhari

At the trial, the judge, Justice Binta Nyako delivered ruling on an application for secret trial made by the Department of State Service (DSS).

The judge in her ruling said the witnesses will be protected behind a screen and their names withheld from the public.

However, Nyako informed the court that the pattern could not be labelled ‘a secret trial’ as widely believe by the defendants.

But, after delivering her ruling, Kanu, who was visibly vexed by the court’s decision said he will not be subjected to a secret trial.

Losing his temper, the leader of the IPOB said President Buhari made allegations against him in public and now wants to try him in secret.

He also said he is not intimidated by the president whom he claimed had been intimidating judges in the country.

Below are the five things Nnamdi Kanu said about Buhari in court today:

1. "He wants to try me in the secret? They are killing my people, after killing my people you tell me you want to try me in secret?"

2. "The person is mad! Completely mad!! Tell Buhari that's what I said, that he is mad! He cannot jail me, he is a mad man."

3. "There is a contempt of court proceedings here, contempt of court, they don't obey court order, and you're telling me secret trial. Is the person mad? Rubbish! It is not possible."

4. "When Buhari testified against me in public, what happened, why didn't he guard his utterances?"

5. "He appoints judges, Buhari has been appointing judges in this country, he should stop intimidating judges that is rubbish! I cannot have it. Buhari can intimidate judges, not me (speaks Igbo)."


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