Can You Return To Prison For The Sake Of BIAFRA?

MNK: Yes of course. I am ready anytime any day because the three habitation of a freedom fighter is prison, grave or exile.

When I took this challenge given to me by Elohim, I knew prison was part of the consequences and those who came before me were once there.

If going to prison will set my people free, I am ready.

If living in prison will stop Invaders from raping my mothers and grandmothers in their farms, I will love to live there forever.

If going to prison will stop the killing of my people, I will love to spend the rest of my days on Earth there.

I came from a place where God blessed us with every good thing known to man but my people have being held on bondage for no just reason.

We are blessed differently by Chukwu Abiama but the powesr that be are hindering my people from shining. They once vowed never to allow us because they said they won't allow another Japan in Africa.

We were free people and lived as free people before the British came. They held us in bondage called one Nigeria since over 100 years now and we are saying enough.

3.5 million people were killed 50 years ago because they demanded for an end to the subjugation. Thousands are still being killed since then. What was our offense? Nothing!.

Ipob have come to demand for one simple thing which is this; allow us to return to how we were before the white man came. Grant Referendum for the people to determine their fate. This is very simple.

The same British holding us down recently left the EU through Referendum. Why is ours different?

Looking at this, we say enough to it. If prison is the sacrifice I will make, who am i. We have lost many, they paid the supreme price for this struggle.

I am ready to spend the rest of my days in prison if only my people can be allowed to live freely like others and harness their God's given talents.

Chukwu Abiama never created us to live as slaves!. BIAFRA shall come so that Africa will regain her lost dignity and respect ✊

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