Written by Mazi Onyebuchi Eze
For Family Writers Press

In keeping to their resolve, the Rivers State women of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), trooped out enmass in their thousands on Saturday 14th July 2018, on the streets of Port Harcourt City (Igweocha) and Obigbo respectively, to protest the continued illegal detention of the IPOB leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and his parents since 14th of September, 2017 by the Nigerian army. It could be recalled that a detachment of army battalion was deployed on firm instruction of the Nigerian government led by Muhammadu Buhari to murderously invade the residence of the IPOB leader with armored tanks which were assisted by aerial surveillance aircraft that fateful day. He along with his aged parents were abducted and taken to unknown location which has remained mysterious till date. In that show of shame, over 28 Biafrans and a security dog were killed with properties worth millions of United States dollars, wantonly destroyed by the vampiric Nigerian soldiers. Mazi Nnamdi Kanu with his parents - His Royal Majesty (HRM) Eze Israel Okwu-Kanu (Egwu Ukwu II), who is the traditional ruler of Afara-ukwu, Ibeku, Umuahia and his wife, have been kept incommunicado in a secretive military custody.

A report obtained by  Christopher Otu Ezeali - Family Writers Press Correspondent, confirmed the event,  through on-the-spot account of the massive protest by the gallant IPOB women. The women protest which was led by the IPOB Women African Representative, Mrs. Nkechi Kanu, threatened that there will no longer be peace with Nigeria and Buhari unless Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, the supreme leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) worldwide, and his aged parents are released. The IPOB had fortnightly, through a phone call from their Coordinator in Osisioma Ngwa in Biafraland, as transmitted on Radio Biafra London, and widely monitored throughout Biafraland, declared 14 days ultimatum from that broadcast date, to the Nigerian government to effect immediate release of their leader and his parents. They unequivocally stated that Nigeria will witness a devastating women protest in all the cities within Biafraland, similar to the famous Aba women riot of 1929, in the event of failure to effect their request.

On Saturday 14th of July 2018, the IPOB Women kick started the protest in Port Harcourt and Obigbo in Rivers State respectively, as a prelude to what is coming. According to report monitored from Port Harcourt, the protests will spread across Biafraland in the cities of Onitsha, Enugu, Owerri, Aba, Asaba, Uyo, Calabar, Abakiliki and Yenagoa on different dates on schedule. These will be clinically driven to press for the release of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and his parents from extra-judicial incarceration for close to a year running or better still, be charged to court for provable offences as deemed by the Buhari led occupational government of Nigeria.

The IPOB women emphasized to the global community that their patience has been exhausted in their long wait for the Nigerian government to accord respect to stipulated international human right laws by releasing Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. There is no other option than to engage the government in a voracious gale of protests to press home the demand for the immediate release of the IPOB leader. The callous and oppressive treatments emanating from a supposed democratic government, can no longer be condoned by the Biafra women, stated by one of the women leaders who was cornered for a brief interview with the Family Writers Press.

The IPOB Women have the support of all well meaning individuals globally in pursuit of justice and freedom. The anticipated must certainly be realized.

Edited by Peter Oshagwu
For Family Writers Press

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