Biafra: Let Nigeria appreciate how duplication looks like and feels.-Mefor.

Uche Mefor deputy leader IPOB 

From The Deputy Leader Of The Indigenous People Of Biafra

''Mazi Alphonsus Uche Okafor-Mefor''

That Shortwave Radio is called Radio Nigeria (HAUSA SERVICE).They duplicated Radio Biafra and what did they expect when they did it?. Let them appreciate how duplication looks like and feels. Radio Nigeria operated by IPOB is for a specific mission, a very direct response to the treacherous acts of the Nigerian State and her handlers in collaboration with the treacherous, dark souls in Biafraland. This is the real Radio Nigeria that forensically exposes (from Biafran perspective) the real looters of the treasury and the oppressors of the Indigenous populations in the Arewa Enclave. We have nothing to lose, Let us know between Nigerians and Biafrans who will feel uncomfortable the most. They brought this media war to us , we shall teach them that they are still amateurs in the business even with the billions at their disposal. Biafrans, be still, be focused and be resolute because we are conscious of your worries----it would have been different and a mistake on our part with reference to the name of that radio if we were unconscious of our actions in this instance but in reality, and to the contrary, we were and are very much at alert. Make no mistake about this: the purpose is and remains as stated above. Some of Buhari's agents within IPOB(even principal officer(s) have already started lamenting that we used the name "Nigeria", but their nightmares have just started. Biafrans in Italy must be weary of the infiltration and influence of these agents and existence of moles in the name of IPOB Family members. Regardless of all these shenanigans, we are IPOB and we remain unstoppable. Biafra Restoration is not for sale, it is sacrosanct, it is insurmountable, it remains unassailable and nobody or group of people to can suffocate or quench the collective aspirations and will of the Biafran people. Let us stand in solidarity with and apply ourselves to the footsteps and plans of our Supreme leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu , let us remember and continually and continuously in unison march relentlessly forward and work assiduously hard that our brothers in Kuje Prison, DSS dungeons and in different secret abduction centres remotely ran by Buhari in Biafraland come back to us. In the honour and sake of our fallen heroes and heroines, we shall prevail eventually and Biafra shall be restored.

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