Biafra: Ohanaeze President General Chief Nwodo a slave of the caliphate that betrayed his own people

It has become absolutely necessary to reply Chief Nnia Nwodo, on his Aso Villa sponsored umbrage on the great and noble IPOB and our humble leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. Chief Nwodo’s F.G- backed tissue of lies which was designed to blackmail and paint us as violent, disrespectful and unintelligent bunch of ingrates is only an arm of the war declared on us by the Federal Government of Nigeria, using resources earned from the oil coming out of the sacred land of Biafra.

We begin by reminding Nwodo, that our leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu represents the righteous anger of the much abused, much betrayed masses of Eastern region, who have watched helplessly for 47 years as their so called leaders traded away their collective future for peanuts; who have lost all faith in the sincerity of the elders to stand up like men to defend, promote and protect the younger generation, who have been sentenced to a life of eternal servitude by the oppressor and owners of Nigeria, with the active connivance of the pliant pseudo leaders who pretend, they care about our plight.

Here are some of the reasons we parted ways with Nwodo and his cabal.

1.    When our leader visited Chief Nwodo at his residence in Enugu, on a courtesy call, Nwodo deliberately arranged a top American official of the U.S Embassy to appear and confirm the presence of our leader at his residence. We were shocked, disappointed and let down at the fact, that he could not resist the temptation to trade with the visit of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu to his residence. We have always known though, that most of our so called leaders have always been agents of intelligence agencies of local and foreign powers.

2.    When we paralyzed Biafraland on 30th May this year and the oppressor panicked and responded with a quit notice, the F.G. immediately reached out to all the zones, Nwodo moved his train to Abuja and met with the Acting President, Osinbajo and announced that check points and appointments into Buhari’s government were our only grouse with Nigeria. This is a blatant lie because our leader agreed with Nwodo that Nigeria must show commitment towards addressing our key demand which is referendum.

Nwodo did not inform our leader, that a meeting was scheduled with Osinbajo despite the fact that IPOB agitation was what led to the meeting being convened in the first place. Nwodo did not ask for our input or grouse with Nigeria before going to demand for a few ministerial appointments for his friends at the expense of our freedom as a people. He and his gang rushed to Abuja and told Osinbajo, that all we ever wanted were more appointments into the APC government. Again, we were shocked to the marrow that OHANEZE leadership has misread the mood of the people and willing to reach a deal with Abuja that will in perpetuity hold us down as a conquered people.  Nwodo and his petty cabal drew up a list of potential appointees and gave this list to the acting President.

3.    When the Presidency without provocation launched into a tirade of hate speech against our leader by calling him a tout, a nonentity and a scoundrel who is not regarded as a leader and therefore wasn’t and will never be invited to any meeting at Aso Rock, Nwodo and his local cabal rejoiced and grinned from ear to ear in excitement as the insults on our leader by Garba Shehu, somebody Onochie, etc. continued unabated soon after the Abuja meeting.

There has not been, till date any effort by Nwodo and co to counter or correct the statements by Garba Shehu and other hangers on of the Buhari administration but rather all that Nwodo demanded was mere political appointments that will benefit only his family and his co-conspirators. Everybody knows this is not what IPOB want or demanding for. We are demanding for a referendum to determine if Biafrans want to remain in Nigeria or not, considering our slave status which the likes of Nwodo appear to be benefiting from. Referendum is the only process that would allow Nwodo and his gang to convince the people in an open debate, why Nigeria is a better option than Biafra not through persecution of IPOB. Nwodo, clearly betrayed our trust and traded away our struggle for independence for mere appointments, which by the way, are yet to come.

4.    Nwodo went to Anambra State House of Assembly to disparage our leader for demanding that the hopelessly oppressed people of Eastern Nigeria, most especially Anambra State would henceforth embark on civil disobedience and passive resistance which includes election boycotts. Nwodo went around government houses collecting money and raining insults on IPOB leadership. He even decreed that he has “countermanded” our decision to boycott elections. Nwodo deliberately turned himself into an enemy of the people in order to advance his personal dream of packaging himself as the most qualified Easterner for Vice Presidential nomination for 2019.

5.    Nwodo, like everybody else, knows that crowd that attend IPOB rallies and events number in their millions, yet till date no single incident of violence has ever been recorded at any of our gatherings. So, where does the appellation of a violent group come from? This is a question Nwodo must answer. Everybody knows it for a fact that Nwodo inspired the governors to join the well orchestrated Arewa persecution IPOB and it's leader—as if that will stop us, because we chose Prof Ben Nwabueze to lead our negotiations with government rather than the irredeemably corrupt Ohaneze.

He was piqued that every effort he made to join our meeting with the governors at Enugu was turned down, even when the governors pleaded that he and another politician join us during the photo session. That too was turned down by our leader. Nwodo went into a rage and conspired with the Northern Army (his masters all his life) and the governors to unleash military backed violent attack on defenceless citizens in the hope that such a murderous blow will destroy IPOB. His rage is simple: if he is not in charge, then nobody should.

6.    Nwodo held a meeting in Abuja with Presidency officials, where Python Dance was planned and approved. Nwodo mounted pressure on the governors to proscribe IPOB as if mere banning  of rallies and public gatherings were capable of destroying IPOB, how mistaken they are.  Same Nwodo embarked on public relations onslaught by touring hostile media houses to deceive the masses that his hands are clean, when in actual fact he is the brain behind the genocidal Operation Python Dance II and murderous raid on Kanu's home. We know his hands are not clean, nobody is deceived one bit.

7.    Nwodo has always been a slave of the caliphate and a proud lap dog of Gen. Abdulsalam Abubakar. Instances abound where Nwodo, even as Ohaneze President General, attended events on behalf of and in representative capacity for Abdulsalami Abubakar. When Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi foisted him on Ohanaeze in January this year, he embarked on image laundering by picking up restructuring agenda and repeating it everywhere as if he has ever believed in it. Nwodo has never mentioned or advocated restructuring of Nigeria in his over 3000 press interviews in all his 65 years on earth, anywhere before January 2017.

His political learning has always been pro North, from NPN to the APP. He mentioned restructuring Nigeria for the very first time in his life, only after he was made Ohanaeze President General and realising that without IPOB his administration will be as unmemorable as that of his predecessor. He was not part of the highly respected team of elders who worked hard over many years to water the ground by successfully selling the restructuring Agenda. Nwodo merely jumped into the band wagon of restructuring because he saw that IPOB has reshaped the political landscape. He had no choice than to buy into it. He has never been one of those who advanced the restructuring Agenda for many years now.

8.    Nwodo is piqued and pissed that we did not allow him to trade with the great IPOB and present himself as the overall leader of Eastern Nigeria, thereby packaging himself as the ultimate VP choice for 2019. We have nothing against his secret and hidden political ambitions. We wish him luck. It’s just that Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB will not be available for him to trade off. We will always prefer men like the 87 year old Prof Ben Nwabueze, First Republic Minister Mbazuluike Amechi and the upright Archbishop Anthony Obinna to lead us to any meeting with government. Nwodo can get as mad as he wants to and proceed to invite the Army to come and scatter the meeting, simply because we refused to allow him to lead our delegation but that won't deter nor even slow us down. IPOB is simply unstoppable!

How can we destroy our struggle by allowing ourselves to be led to a meeting by a man who believes that our struggle should only be used to garner appointments from this Buhari’s caliphate government. We respect and remain in very good terms with upright, sincere leaders, elders from across Biafraland and beyond. We will always stay away from hustlers and agents of Northern leaders who strive to use our blood to advance their personal gains. We know that the whole world, the EU, the UN, the USA and the suffering masses of Nigeria, know that we are not a violent organization. We are not bothered by false accusations from Nwodo and South East governors.

Moreover, he Nwodo and his allies that have served Northerners all their lives and got rewarded with ministerial appointments, what else can they show for all the years of loyal service to Arewa caliphate or in what way have they positively impacted on the lives of ordinary people. Nwodo and his lies will never be part of our righteous struggle to free ourselves from the bondage inflicted on us through active connivance of those like Nwodo and their gangs. On the 18th of November 2017, the walls of Jericho will come falling down flat. IPOB is indestructible and incorruptible, Nwodo and his gang of Hausa Fulani slaves are about to discover this immutable truth.

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