BIAFRA: "We are Biafrans, not Biafra supporters" An angry Biafran lashes out on

Below are some of his comment to

"if anybody have access to please send this video to them, they are very stupid"

"yoruba with their media, we (Biafrans) are all over the world and we have come to restore Biafra"

"this is not the only time they ( use their gutter media to blackmail us and to name us all sort of rubbish"

" are very stupid people and our people should stop sharing most of their nonsense writeup"

" call us Biafra supporters" "Who are Biafra supporters for God sake?"

"The people you are seeing are Biafrans, not Biafra supporters"

" you are stupid people, you yoruba bastard"

"You guys have to learn from all your stupid media gutter and all this nonsense"

"We're Biafrans" "We're not Biafra supporters"


Watch the video below for full comment.

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