BIAFRA: IPOB releases new constituted organogram

The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) has released a organogram for the constitution of the proposed Biafra nation.

The IPOB said the release of the oragnogram is to showcase the type of leadership IPOB plans for Biafra after its actualization.

The spokesperson Emma Powerful said: "The diagram stipulates the directorates, commissions and Agencies in the new government and this will be part of constitution of the Biafra government more are coming."

The organogram showed the state National Legislature comprised of Anang, Efik, Idoma/Igede, Ala-Igbo, Isoko, Izon, Urhobo, Anioma-Igbo, Ibibio, Igala, Ikwere-Igbo, Itesekiri and Ogoni.

The national legislature according to the organogram will be headed by a Premier and cabinet for nation, while the District Assembly, Administrator, Major and Council would be under it.

Also, Biafra Parliament would be headed by a Prime Minister (Executive) and Directorate of States while the office of the President would be manned by the President, Chamber of Deputies, Traditional Rulers/Elders.

The judiciary according to the organogram would involve the Constitutional Court (Apex court), Appellate court (Appeal court), Court of Justice (High Court), (Civil, Family, Criminal) as well as Common Law court (Magistrate court).

Seventeen directorates of natural resource control, agriculture, industry, defense, interior, justice employment, foreign affairs, education, energy, transportation, finance, health, homeland security, economic planning, culture and tradition and veterans affairs.

There will also be 87 Independent Establishments and government corporations.

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