World Alliance Against Terrorism Backs IPOB's Planned Sit-At-Home Action

World Alliance Against Terrorism, Violence and Inhuman Treatment, WAATVIT yesterday reacted to the proposed sit-at-home order of IPOB, saying that by virtue of the provisions of international convention on people and political rights, endorsed by Nigeria and other countries and by virtue of their membership of the United Nations, UN, every citizen of any country has the right to peacefully assemble for the purposes of agitation for a particular cause.

President of the group, Barrister (Dr.) Anthony Orunkoya therefore stated that IPOB has the right to assembly, warning however that such calls by their leaders for them to assemble and agitate for the release of Nnamdi Kanu must be in consonance with the law of Nigeria.

According to Orunkoya, “the international convention on peoples and political rights of the UN which Nigeria is a signatory to, recognizes peaceful civil disobedience like sit-at-home action, labour or work boycott or labour strike action as a means of agitating for a particular course, hence the IPOB under the convention had called for a sit-at-home action of its members as long as their action does not breach peace, order and security of Nigeria and other Nigerians who may want to go about their lawful duties.”


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