Nnamdi Kanu

By Blessed Orji
For Family Writers

THE fight for Biafra freedom has gathered momentum. Buhari and his Islamic Nigeria bokoharam army has laid siege in Biafra land. Military hardwares, lorry loads of soldiers and highly sophisticated rocket launchers was seen moved to Riverine areas of Biafraland. Nigeria is ready for another round of Biafra genocide.

   The indigenous people of Biafra has only one almighty weapon.TRUTH. The truth is that we have right to life and self determination. Fundamental human rights is said to be the window display through which every government advertises democracy as a way of life. It is the yardstick by which the success or failure of democracy as an ideology can most accurately be assessed. These by implication is the exercise of freedom of speech, freedom of peaceful assembly, freedom of association, freedom of movement, freedom of private property, freedom of public trial, freedom from poverty, freedom of self determination and other essential human freedom as specifically enumerated in the universal declaration of human rights. Biafra people clutched the sword of truth and self determination to face and conquer the stronghold of this evil contraption called Nigeria. The brilliant peaceful protest of Biafrans is resounding throughout the world where free men live and worship freedom.

   For over one hundred years Biafra people have weathered the storm, facing challenging situation from inconclusive amalgamation of Nigeria. Nigeria is a mass of fraud, an evil contraption weaved by Britain for their selfish economic interest in the west coast of Africa. This experiment expired in 2014, in which Biafra is in constant oppression, suppression, and under rated to inferior citizen in spite of her bravery, creativity, boisterous intelligence, human and material resources.

The spirit of Biafra inspired our ancestors and strengthens them in the three years bitterest experience better defined as the worst genocide in black history. They struggled to defend Biafra land, endured the pogroms and protect their endangered families from extermination. They fought to restore the stature of the Biafra man and woman on the surface of the earth. The Biafra genocide of 1967-1970 executed by Britain and Nigeria claimed over 3.6 million lives mostly from starvation. The remnants of that war of survival are today scattered all over the universe. It is commendable that IPOB is working assiduously to enforce lawful guarantee of their fundamental rights as indigenous people within the territorial limits of Biafra nation, and through the due processes of international law demonstrating implicit faith in Biafra restoration.

 The EU,UN,AU,ICC and AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL as watch dogs of the less privileged people is still standing akimbo ,maintaining conspiratorial silence. Nigeria government with her tyrant sole administrator Mumumadu Buhari has ventured into a war path. He has avowed to commit another genocide to keep Nigeria and Biafra oil for Britain. But history has many answers to the question, WILL BIAFRA EVER BE FREED?

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu came to the stage, an oracle of truth, light and perfection. He preached the gospel of Biafra freedom and aroused the Biafra spirit of active resistance to the forces inconsistent freedom, value system and principles of democracy. He relentlessly called on our people to stand up together against every attempt to foist on them the horrible stigma of racial inferiority. Nnamdi Kanu challenged "cannot" and hypocrisy among those who pay lip service to the Biafra struggle. His message raised warriors of consciousness to eternally severe autocracy in the world, Africa and especially Islamic republic of Nigeria where millions of Biafra people are held in bondage. We are witnesses to his missionary work and town hall meetings in America,Europe,Asia,Africa, Australia, and Middle East .

   Nnamdi Kanu the leader of indigenous people of Biafra and director of London based Radio Biafra was kidnapped on October 14th,2015 in Lagos Nigeria by DSS agents of Buhari on his way back to Biafra land. It is pertinent here to point out that BIAFRA is a NATION which, in area and population, human and material potentiality can stand comparison to all not excluding the largest country in the world. Our population is over 65 million.

Every sixth person on every continent is a Biafran. We are in size larger than many countries in Europe. Our mineral resources includes larger reserves of coal, iron,tin,lead,zinc,limestone,petroleum and natural gas. Our agricultural produce includes palm oil and kernel,yams,cassava,cocoa,groundnuts, timber, cotton,hides and skin. Biafra has expanding economy and balanced trade. Biafra pounds besides stability made public finances extremely viable. Biafra is a united states integrated by social factors. Our multifarious languages signify our historical reality.

   Nnamdi Kanu arrest and extra judicial torture, imprisonment, his denial of medication and access to lawyers and families sparked off massive peaceful protests worldwide. This same free Nnamdi kanu protest was taken to Downing Street, EU and British parliaments. It was taken to national and international embassies and world head of governments including the Vatican. There was the twitter campaign, and massive phone call protest, to UN,AMERICA and national assembly of Islamic government of Nigeria, the first in freedom fighting.

The Biafra protests entered into Guinness world record as most peaceful however was greeted with incessant arrest, kidnapping, torture, extra judicial imprisonment of suspected families and principal officials of IPOB in Nigeria and Biafra land. The story was pathetic. There was state induced military massacre of Biafra people in cold blood. Wherever police stopped the military resumes. Where military stopped Bokoharam begins and where Bokoharam ends Fulani Herdsmen hold sway. Tears streamed and fresh blood flooded major roads and streets in Biafra land.

In Onitsha,Asaba,Awka,Owerri,Enugu,Yenegoa,Uyo,Agatu,Portharcourt,Nkpor Agu and Ngwa High school Aba. Our mothers, fathers, youths even school children were raped and shot at closer range. Their dead bodies poured corrosive substances to destroy evidence. Many were hospitalised others left with permanent injuries. It was a killing cry, Monday 30th may, 2016 over 300 Biafra people observing the early morning mass at St. Edmund Catholic Church Nkpor Agu Onitsha was sent to earl grave by Buhari's Nigeria military forces.

  However, this phase of FREE NNAMDI KANU CAMPAIGN scheduled to hold September 23rd, 2016 in the whole universe is another round of global plea by Biafra people for justice. It is the supposed end of a generational cry for freedom and independence for which NNAMDI KANU is a prisoner of conscience. Despite Islamic government of Nigeria holding him against his will, provocations are many.

Persecution,prosecution,victimization,kidnappings and economic strangulation to dampen Biafra. There have been several attempts by Nigeria government instigated by Britain to assassinate Nnamdi Kanu averted by divinity. His health condition has degenerated. He no longer access his family and legal counsels. Whatever that happens after this FREE NNAMDI KANU CAMPAIGN shall be material to future course of world history. The law of natural justice demands that our leader should be released and Biafra restored. It is imperative because BIAFRA NATION is interwoven in the progressive developments of Africa and the universe.

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