I can authoritative say that Nigeria government agent within the so called South East is no longer useful to the Buhari APC led Nigeria government due to the modus operandi of IPOB, IPOB have been able to make them impotent and useless.

Nigeria government used Uwazurike led MASSOB to deceived the Biafran people, until when IPOB led by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu encounter MASSOB and make them impotent and useless, the government started using OHANEZE and BILIE against the people of Biafra, today IPOB have dealt with OHANEZE and BILIE and make them impotent and useless.

Now, there are no more agent of the Nigeria government and Sabouters of Biafra in the so called South East, the government have move to use MEND - Movement Of Emancipation Of Niger Delta against Biafra restoration in the so called South South.

I, hereby give MEND warning to desist from any activities that will hinder the restoration of Sovereign State Of Biafra, if they think the will turn to Movement For Enslavement Of Niger Delta, they will be disgraced, make useless and impotent.

Biafra is God's project and any agent of Nigeria and Saboteurs of Biafra must be crush, I hereby caution MEND and advice them to go and ask some fake pastors that Biafra have rendered impotent and useless, Biafra must be restored!
By Elisha Michael.

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