Late Dim Ojukwu and Ralph Uwazurike and Nnamdi Kanu

By Ifeanyi Chijioke
August 29 2016

I have never seen Nnamdi Kanu and neither have I ever talked with him before his arrest or before being a Biafran activist; he never convinced me to be an activist neither was I lobbied. I don’t know the leadership of IPOB and neither do I know anything about how IPOB is funded because Nnamdi Kanu prohibited any fund from people in Biafra land.

I was only made to understand that for coming from the Old Eastern region ‘territory’, I am IPOB, and I have an equal right with anybody as IPOB. For the purpose of discipline and order; I was also told that Radio Biafra gives command and control. Indeed, this is why there are discipline, orderliness and law-abiding character.

I trust Nnamdi Kanu to restore Biafra because Chukwuokikeabiama determined he does it. IPOB has broken too many world records, risked everything, and there are no one or people that can be compared to IPOB when it comes to Biafra restoration project. IPOB has made me feel satisfied; I can see the victory for Biafra/ if I don’t grab this sure win within range, I can’t recover to start all over again.

Anybody might want to be a career freedom fighter, but with Nnamdi Kanu, I see a man that mean business. This is my last fight, and I have made up my mind to die forever or live forever; the last man that would command me is Nnamdi Kanu, and if he ever goes like Uwuzurike which is highly impossible, I will forbid and oppose any future call for Biafra.

I today decide to write to Nnamdi Kanu in a particular way because I can now see the desperation of Nigerian Government and some masked men struggling and working day and night to push Nnamdi Kanu or force him into negotiation with Nigerian Government. Some of these men are poised to exchange Biafra for wealth and other things but see him as a stumbling block, his mantra ‘Biafra or nothing-death’ is a significant threat. Not death for him alone but death for everybody (2nd civil war) and the people of Biafra who die or live at his command.

They are very much aware that he controls and commands the entire people of Biafra and getting Nnamdi Kanu means getting the whole people of Biafra. As I write to you-Mazi Nnamdi Kanu; I know they have brought everything before you and pleading that you should accept it. I was even called by one of the men pressing for you to negotiate with Nigerian government. He told me that he would join Nigerian Government to fight Biafra restoration as you turn down offers. As much as I can assume; there is powerful lobby and plea as you keep rejecting them, they keep coming.

I was a vibrant youth during the days of Uwazurike, and my mother went out during an individual one million man match for him. I never stepped my foot anywhere for him because I didn’t have a clear vision of where he was going. We lost few people who tried to disarm security men on Uwazurike’s orders and my cousin’s mother even told me he would make her minister of women affairs; I wondered how a market woman who did not finish her secondary education before she was snapped up by her husband would be a minister; for that promise, she left her children to go hungry and paid into Uwuzurike’s account- money for the struggle and all he needed.

The people of Biafra came out en-mass to fight for Biafra with him but in the end; he only came as a disappointment. Today you have rejected our money but asked for determination to restore our nation which we are showing and to the last drop of our blood shall we remain determined. Your decision to die for us took our heart away; we don’t only love you but crazy about our love for you.

When MASSOB members started harassing people for either wearing Biafran bangles or wearing Biafran caps; I knew that was what it was going to result to; Biafra was a business venture for Uwuzurike and everybody learnt the trade and followed him. Then like Nollywood film, security men was disarmed and barracks created; each barrack bringing returns to Oga’s office.

While Uwazurike drove around with government plate number; the people were ordered to use Biafran plate number; everything was a sham and a scam. Biafra was already dying until he was arrested and when he negotiated and got released due to there was nobody to fight for him; that became the end of Biafra, and he strangled the dream.

Then the barracks he created that bring the return to him turned a criminal hideout; Uwazurike led our people into kidnapping, land grabbing and all sorts of criminalities; that was all he could offer us and as a result, our population died immensely. Not that they died was the issue, they all died in vain and had those gallant men waited until today; their death would have restored Biafra. Today, you have not only disciplined the people of Biafra to be law-abiding; you have also taught us being wither than white and knowing no corruption; which is your watch-word.

I completely lost hope in Biafra; who ever told me I would have one day passionately embrace Biafra after what I saw with Uwazurike, I would spit on the person and make a burnt sacrifice for God to avert it. Today; I see myself not only fighting for Biafra but ready to give up my life in your footsteps; I have embraced Biafra that I nurse no other dream but Biafra.

Nnamdi Kanu, as you see, I have no other future, and I am worthless without Biafra because my essence of living is Biafra, I don’t know what you did to me that made me love Biafra more than gold and my life. I had only followed your footsteps because when you chose death and prison; I am only doing after you. I never knew you could pick Biafra from the gutter Uwazurike left it and washed it to make it bright and attractive once more. I never knew somebody could convince our people again to fight for Biafra after what Uwazurike did to us; I was one of those people that said it is over. Even the first time I heard your voice on radio Biafra; I walked away and said so Uwazurike is still alive but when I gave you attention; your contagious voice held me, and I forgot everything Uwazurike did to our people to once more fight for Biafra.

Nnamdi Kanu, this fight is the last I will ever fight, and if you are defeated, I will kindly forbid Biafra even in future. If you die; I swear that I will also give my life for Biafra and hence you continue to be strong; I will continue to do anything, protest and agitate under command. I will even be the first to be recruited as a soldier (forfeit journalism) that would fight for Biafra if we are forced into violence and as your continued detention is going to cause the crisis,

I will be in the front as the crisis is executed. I am poised and fanatical about Biafra just as you. You have taught me to be resolute and fearless and that I have taken. For a year and three months, I listened to you on radio Biafra; I must tell you the truth; I sometimes doubt certain things you said. You said that is Biafra or nothing; you stated that it is either Biafran flag is raised, or you are lowered to the grave. I doubted your voice to give away your life knowing that as a Crown Prince and a wealthy man; the earth is heaven and who would leave heaven for hell?

You have not only lived everything you said and defined what leadership is all about; you go first, and I follow. You have decided to languish in prison while you are pleased to come out via negotiation. You have chosen to lose everything for the sake of Biafra and why won’t I do same; you are not like every leader I used to know, who would order the people around; you always stay in the front to make your orders. There is a form of agreement before you began this quest; that you will never fail us, and we shall never fail you.

We are resolute and with this letter I wish to make it clear that we have never prevaricated or had a thought of stopping half way. We are with you to the end, and nothing, not even negotiation or the plans by FG will deter us from this quest. Don’t stress yourself over your continued detention; we understand you are suffering for us; we know you could die for us, and one thing that is certain is you will come out triumphant. What is still stalling full blown crisis is because we are hopeful ECOWAS court would do justice; if you are not released very soon, we will lay down our lives for you because you are the symbol of Biafra. We believe that Biafra is in Kuje prison and whatsoever we do because of you is done for Biafra.

They told me that they would do everything to make you accept negotiation and some people are already savouring for the money they would get out if any negotiation. They told me that you are stubborn and that they would fight against Biafra restoration to show you that they control things. They said you did not inform them before restoring Biafra; they stated that they want to be involved even though they are gluttons and octogenarians that can’t be trusted with Biafra restoration project.

They told me that there is a way to restore Biafra and that they have a strategy. What strategy? They are cowards who can’t do anything but cowardly submit to Nigeria and are envious of you. You have to remember the Nostradamus prophecy, ‘a Prince will rise at the trigger of Africa, and he shall be the envy of many’. I heard of TRIPOB and I laughed, they are dangerous and really out to stop Biafra, don’t bother because Biafran youths are already waiting to settle them, and they said they are not aware if you are alive or dead, and I see they want to cross the line this time around. How can I know more than you when you have already predicted everything happening today?

Finally, I want to state without mincing words that if IPOB under radio Biafra that you lead fails to restore Biafra; no other class can do it on this planet earth. You are the last hope, and you have brought Biafra so close than we imagined. They are desperately fighting because they are aware Biafra is here, and this fight against Biafra that has never been this desperate is a testimony.

I know you cannot go the way of Uwazurike because you have come a long way to go back. But should you fail to restore Biafra today; I will never fight for Biafra again in the future and will oppose Biafra anywhere I hear or see it. While I trust Chukwuokikeabiama to use you as a willing tool, Ifeanyi Chijioke also trusts your tenacity to overcome temptations like Yahshua did.

Mr.Ifeanyi Chijioke writes for BiafraPost
Editor/Publisher: Akachukwu Udo
For Biafra Reporters

Source: http://www.thebiafrapost.com/2016/08/if-nnamdi-kanu-renounces-biafra-like.html?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=facebook&m=1

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